At Home, I Packed The Disc And The DVD Played DVD Opening That I Listed

1: Roadshow Warning Screen

2: What Are You Really Burning

3: Beggining Of The Directors Cut Verison

Then The Scenes Were Differnet, The Intro Was Normal, When Larry Is At Smart Mart, Bowser Told Him That She Is Waiting For Mario, After Mario Came, They Went To The Car, Then Rosalina Killed A Fly, Mario Killed Her Back, Larry Was So Scarred The Tree Trunks Fell On Him, There Where Not Cartoon Crying, There Real Crying, Then Mario Got Taken To The City Pound, Then Larry Was Extremely Heart Broken, He Cried Extremly Big Time Loud, The The Earth Exploded, Then It Cutted To The Block 13 Intro, I Took The Disc Out Then I Destroyed It, I Said, Gee, That Was Close

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