Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

Have you heard of those lazy town memes out there? They have songs such as we are number one, The mine song, And cooking by the book.

But there was one missing meme that was never watched. This video was on january 19th 2017. One day, I was watching some funny dank memes until i came across a video that spotted my eyes, It was a video called we are number one but every time they say one the video shows a horror clip of lazytown. I decided to watch this missing meme. And believe it or not things were different.

Sportacus was sitting alone in a yellow chair. The dead bodies of Stingy, Pixel, Trixie, Ziggy, stephanie, And mayor milford we're seen hanging. Sportacus then spoke to me, "Why has our show became a meme? I don't understand! Enjoy this meme and good luck!" I got very confused to why this video was scary, Robbie played his saxophone by his own without his crew. The music sounded like a creepy piano playing. Just then, Robbie rotten said we are number, And then it showed a disturbing video of ziggy in a room of brains. He vomited a lot, He looked like he was going to die. Then the video went back to the song, Stephanie was sitting by herself as the city of lazytown burned to death. Then one was heard again. Then it showed a creepy image of stingy in fatal darkness. His mouth was open, He had sharp teeth with blood dripping out. That image looked pretty disturbing. I got to my garbage can to vomit, I vomited for about 2 minutes or so.

Another thing i noticed about stingy was that his piggy bank was shredded to pieces as if he smashed it into pieces. Robbie rotten then said, Now totally ignore me! The next parts he sung we're, "People need to stop making out memes out of me, But if you don't i will shoot you. If you want to be a youtuber number." Then a brutal clip played, Stingy was hanging from a noose while the sound of whispering could be heard.

For some reason, All of lazytown was burning to death. Robbie could be seen hanging from a tree. His spine was hanging upside down, A tornado struck ziggy's house, And Sportacus was caught dead on the floor.

The screen faded to black while the sad goanimate music played. There was white text saying, "Lazytown is now dead thanks to you, No one will ever make memes out of us again! Goodbye!" I could not believe this! We are number one has became a meme of the year.

That night, I recognized there was blood all over my pillow. I woke up to find my hometown dead. I was the only one still alive. Everything was on fire, and I can't bear to think of that. I threw out my plushies, DVD's and merch and burn them. I then tore all of the pages out of my dictionary, glued them on me and got a box of lighter fluid, poured it all over me and my house. I am about to light the match. I have some words for you before I leave this mortal coil: NEVER WATCH LAZYTOWNZDOHGHUOGUHRUOEGHDFOGHUOERAHGUFHUGARGSPHPTHG-