Before you read

This may be similar to Dont hug me im scared 7. 

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What happened

I was at a hotel watching youtube back in June 2016. One day, My parents went out. I was home alone I found a tape under the table. It said thomas Episode 01. I loved thomas the tank engine so I put in the tape. I hoped its good.

Plot of the tape


The thomas intro played normally but when it ended, A picture of thomas was shown. He was grinning. He was eyeless. It was there for 4 seconds till it ended. What was shown was James. He was in his shed crying. He said I HATE LIFE! I HATE TODAY!!!! What the heck? I thought? This is a Kid show not a Death series! Something isn't right. Then, The next scene showed Henry at the station. He was sad.
 His eyes were black. i was so scared. The next scene went to A scene from tenders and turntables when james span around the turnrtable. When it finished spinning, he died. His eyes popped out. then, Gordon was speeding till he died. He fell off the cliff. it ended.

The end.

well, I burned the tape. If you see it, Do not watch it!