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  • My occupation is Playing with Plushies, Watching TV, Playing Video Games such as FNAF, Mario, Luigis Mansion, and others!
  • I am Male
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    This may be similar to Dont hug me im scared 7. 

    Also if you vandalize, You will be blocked.

    I was at a hotel watching youtube back in June 2016. One day, My parents went out. I was home alone I found a tape under the table. It said thomas Episode 01. I loved thomas the tank engine so I put in the tape. I hoped its good.

      The thomas intro played normally but when it ended, A picture of thomas was shown. He was grinning. He was eyeless. It was there for 4 seconds till it ended. What was shown was James. He was in his shed crying. He said I HATE LIFE! I HATE TODAY!!!! What the heck? I thought? This is a Kid show not a Death series! Something isn't right. Then, The next scene showed Henry at the station. He was sad.  His eyes were black. i was …

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  • ThomasandFriends7


    February 10, 2017 by ThomasandFriends7

    Okay guys, I love these Creepypastas.


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