You have tried winning the battle against me on Greeny Phatom Wiki, but you know, i'm not into Wikia that much, i came here only to make you surrender and leave the internet because kids like you don't belong to internet, especially you, Keegan Salisbury. Also, the wiki i was also talking about has much trolling out of my friends and you go with your toys (yeah, these pages with reactions of fictional characters, like a million) to try to take me and my favourite stuff/friends down. We've had done a brave job to take that crap wiki down, until you guys revived it and the godawful crap have come back, this ain't even big surprise to my friends, but for me, it is surely is, you're all desperate kids who did bring back the shit.

You can't even take me down here because one of my former friends, Geoshea, has made me admin, too bad, Keegan here won't be even going to take one step to annoy my ass on this place, as i even dislike staying here now. My creepypastas are crap, so do yours, that you stole from the creepypasta wiki and the spinpasta wiki, i'm sorry for you, i don't even interest about creepypastas anymore. Again, i came here for vengeance, or i mean, revengeance. Also, editing comments before i get blocked ain't even funny too, i didn't even betray everyone here, all of these idiots who are contributing Greeny Phatom wiki right now AREN'T ALL MY FRIENDS, DTSFactory, why did you even exist from the internet? Battle for Dream Island fans are also swell too, especially you, DTSFactory.

You know who else is behind MrRyan's back? DanishSGTFan123, he's my friend on Steam, and i often chat with him, he used to fight with MrRyan until a islamic hacker has putted Sierra Canal into crisis, so then he is on OUR side. Look, blocking me on your wiki doesn't mean i lose, and since i'm communicating the aftermath in this crappy place, i'm planning to take down the wiki as sweared by god, because the wiki has much excessive trolling out of my friends, so that means, someday, you will recieve your downhill while your wiki will go closed down, this means you, Keegan Salisbury, TJsWorld2011, and any fan of Greeny Phatom Wiki, will not ever try to repair this wiki in time!

Greeny Phatom haters, REJOICE!

Oh, and screw you Geoshea. Thank him for making me admin before i hated you, hahaha. :3