• I live in 116 Osage St, Leavenworth, KS, 66048
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Animating
  • I am Male
  • LostEpisodeFan

    Greeny Phatom Episode 666 is an creepypasta unaired episode. There has been fan made episodes reusing clips 

    from older episodes and shorts of it. It is stated to be a "lost episode", which is a lie as it was never made by Fox.

    Oh! This has similarities with Garfield's Horrible Joy!

    I was walking down the street one day, and while I was, I tripped on something, giving me two little scrapes on my forehead when it hit the sidewalk. I looked at what made me trip. It was a VHS tape, and it said, "Jacob's World - Episode 666". So, I took the tape home, where I popped it into my VCR.

    The episode started normally, you know, with the opening, but I noticed the intro at the last frame of the opening. The GP title card turned into something horrifying. …

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  • LostEpisodeFan

    At 11:30 at midnight, I was flipping over the channels on my TV, I noticed that Greeny Phatom was about to come on. Since it was Monday, that meant a new episode on Fox.

    The logos appeared as normal, but was followed by a wave of static. The logos appeared again along with the static. The number "666" appears in the video in blood red. More static. The logos shows again, but this time, the color was changed from orange to blood red. The logos was bleeding. Weird chanting was playing in the background of this.

    The title "Season 10, Episode 13: Evil Jacob Whaley" appears in blood red for about 000.010 milliseconds. The episode then pans to Mondo, saying he's sorry for being popular on Flipnote Hantea. Static again. Jacob appears with red eyes.…

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  • LostEpisodeFan

    There was a bootleg copy of Jacob's World: The Movie that I'm going to tell you about. It all started with me taking a walk through the neighborhood.

    As I was walking back home, I found a VHS tape lying on the road. I looked at the front and it was a bootleg copy of Jacob's World: The Movie, strangely it had the exact same design as the regular VHS tape. I was looking for a legitimate copy, though this held me over until I could find one.

    Boy, I was wrong.

    I took the tape home and popped it on my old VCR player. The screen went static for good 20 seconds. After that, The screen went black for 5 seconds. It looked perfectly normal; The DreamWorks Animation, and Sony Wonder Pictures logos were there, the intro and the plot of the film was diffe…

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  • LostEpisodeFan

    I really liked and I say liked for a reason, Greeny Phantom. So when I decided to go looking for a present, I figured something like a Greeny Phantom DVD would have been perfect, since I liked to watch it on a daily basis. However, Christmas meant that most of the online DVDs were sold out on most places. I went to look on eBay as well, but figured I could not trust what condition the DVDs would have been in. So I was stuck in a rut for a while, until that package arrived. 

    I was at home still scrolling for a stupid DVD, until I heard the sound of something being pushed into my letter box. I caught a hold of it before my dog did, and looked at the package.

    It seemed to be wrapped fairly badly, with what looked like grease marks and stains on…

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