Lost Rapper

During the late 90s, a young rapper named Amirikai Hood had a career in hip hop music. So far he has only released one album called Heaven's Hell. through out his whole career. The reason why is that many people didn't buy enough of his album. No body admire him nor they liked his music. He didn't have the techniques to be a rapper. One of his songs was named (Allah, devil, satan) which sounded really offensive to the listeners, including middle easterns.

August 29 1999, Amirikai went missing at the age of 19 and was never found. Some believe that Amirikai is dead. Rumor says he is still alive and somewhere far away. A little background of Amirikai. He was not born here in the usa, he was originally from the middle east. And is very close to his religion. Amirikai was also convicted with murdering his parents way back in his days. In one of his songs he has also mentioned a conspiracy theory of 9/11 which was not a big deal until now.

Before his disappearance, Amirikai has made one last song which does not have a name. But was often called Track.17. Track.17 is a one minute and ten second rap that contained no rithem, no beat. Just silence for the first 30 seconds, during the 30 seconds, Amirikai starts rapping about his life and hatred from his fans. After the 30 seconds screams can be heard.

In the Track.17 music video, it shows complete blackness for the complete 30 seconds then shows clips of people screaming while being killed through out the remainder of the video. People dying in various ways such as raped, beatings, throat slashing, and gun shots through the head. The person behind all the killings was Amirikai. I assume that the victims were the fans who afterwards hated Amirikai.

Even to this day, after watching the video, people have committed suicide after watching the video. Amirikai is still out their. while watching the Track.17 music video, you just might be his next victim.