I like Lucky Duck. I thought it was a TV show. One day I got a DVD from my friend. I was so happy that it was a Lucky Duck DVD but it was in black and white. I didn't care. When I put it in my DVD player it played the opening title came on. I was so exited. But when the movie began there was a seagull looking for somthing to eat. I was confused. Then the seagull flew down onto the ship. It landed and found the shark toy. Then it tried to eat it. The shark then ran from it. He screamed in horror, "I'M NOT A SARDINE!!!" "I'M NOT A SARDINE!!!" Then Lucky said "Nobody messes with my friends!!" Then the seagull came to Lucky. And it was mad so mad it scratched Lucky. He screamed and blood rolled down his cheek. And what made things worse that it was in black and white. I threw up. Lucky said, "You will pay." And they fought and fought until the seagull flew away. Lucky was safe but he was covered in bruises, cuts and blood . Then he fainted. The camera zommed into Lucky. Lucky then woke up but he was covered in bamdages. But he was safe.

Lucky Duck Bootleg DVD

Here's what the DVD looks like.