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Leader of your Nightmares Administrator
  • I live in The UK
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Being online, playing games
  • I am Male

What do I do? I sometimes edit some pastas or stories on this wiki and overall monitor this Wiki but I usually only police the wiki as personal life is something I need to concentrate on. Send me a message if you find a page with broken context or just nothing relating to the Quality Standards. Also message me if there are some issues going on in this Wiki. Also, please read the Rules before making an action you're unsure about. I will improve some stories if they're decent but need fixing.

If you want admin rights, make sure you have 500 edit points which can be viewed in your user profile along with your pins from editing

Unwanted behaviour and actions on this Wiki can result in blocks - beware of that

I'm not active much, but if you need my attention or help, I will always come to the call (by emails from Wikia)

If you've been blocked by me, and it's an infinite block, then it means that you've either been putting a lot of annoying troll posts up on the Wiki, or you might have been acting very inappropriately on Wikia, or that you're a sockpuppet, maybe even all three reasons I've stated.

My Horror Stories of InterestEdit

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