I was bored, so I decided to play Roblox.

I went onto a server of one of my favorite games on the site, Sword Fight on the Heights by Shedletsky.

Suddenly, a player named "Undefined" joined the game. He was completely black. I asked who he was, but he didn't answer. He bought out an overpowered sword, which was impossible because there wasn't any other sword in this game but the linked sword. He walked away to start his killing spree. First, he killed swordslingerr. ['Undefined]: One down, four to go. Then, he killed my friend, shergo200. [Undefined]: Two down, three to go. Next, he killed bauketimon. [Undefined]: Three down, two to go. Finally, he killed mithelle9. [Undefined]: Four down, one to go. mithelle9 was one of the fakes of the real Mithelle anyway. Everyone who was killed left the game. Now, it was just me and Undefined. [Undefined]: Don't worry Mary... I will spare you, but I will see you the night you find my alternate account, because I will be banned forever for cheating. How did he know my name? I asked him how he knew my name, but he left. A few seconds later, Shedletsky joined, and I got the "This game has shut down" message. Then, I had my account deleted for no reason. I looked up Undefined's account after making another one named Cutieorugly (which was later banned for 14 days for the same reason before losing the password for her [it was probably changed by him]), but I couldn't find him.


The ban I got

Right now, I'm on my account Mithelle, and I am searching it again. All I found was TheRealUndefined. Well, I'm doomed.

See ya later.