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I was an intern at Jacknjellify studios. Cary Huang asked me to see an alternate early draft of TPOT 1: you know those buttons don’t do anything, right? Made by the infamous Laura Skoll, The creator of B’s mistake. I agreed to the challenge. The early draft started with Two in his room surrounded by weapons. He picked up a knife, A gun, and a guillotine. They were many deaths, including the deaths of Rubber Spatula, Winner, Discy, Liy, and others. Everyone screamed and fear! Except it wasn’t the normal cartoon screaming you hear. It was hyper realistic. Everyone else except Two died of panic. Two turns red, faces the screen and says, “the object world has been obliterated, after that, Alphaland is next. After that, Numberland is next. After that, your world is next.“ then it cut to static and the episode ended. I was so pissed off! I got an Amber alert on my phone telling me to go to a mysterious site in Saudi Arabia. I went there. I saw a concentration camp. And guess who owned it? Two! That green fictional number from the episode! I was sent there to investigate. The fence was made out of human bones. There was a psychotic hospital. The people that were captured there lived in slums. The slums had bunkbeds that had ladders made out of human bones, A toilet, a bathtub, but only designed to wash your hands because it is on a hanging shelf made out of human bones, the only place you could clean yourself in is a shower made out of human bones. The rules of the camp were strict.

1. You have to watch videos like bard.exe, blah.exe and the Dawn Brancheau Death Footage.

2. All food and drink must be slipped into the slums by their pocket.

3. You have to play video games like Sonic.EXE, Angry Goy, Agony, BMX XXX, Demonophobia, Saw II, Night of Bush Capturing and Sad Satan.

4. SOAR lecture tortures will happen regularly every morning.

5. You will be severely beaten up by Two if you don’t follow the rules.

6. Beatings occur regularly.

7. If your favorite number is two, you may be asked to leave. Tell the truth! Don’t say your favorite number is 2 when it’s not. Otherwise you’ll be tortured even further!

8. If you have misbehaved for your entire stay, Two will murder you and you will go straight to hell. Dante’s inferno hell! Not generic hell!

9. There is Internet here. But we have restricted it so that the only websites you can go to is TPOTthe poweroftwo2.666, heyduggee.666 and others. you must go there regularly.

10. Do not beg for mercy. You will be murdered immediately!

12. nazis are the best ngl


I was shocked at how so strict these camp’s rules were. there were five teenagers that were kept there since they watched TPOT1 at 3 AM. Two girls, three boys. I rescued these teenagers and brought them back to their mothers and fathers in their homes. Two was so pissed off that they gave me the blah.exe and bard.exe videos, the sonic.EXE, Angry Goy, BMX XXX, Demoniophobia, Saw II, Night of Bush Capturing and Sad Satan video games, the VHSs that contained Alphablocks: C’s Regret, Numberblocks: Two Takes Over, and the early draft of TPOT mentioned earlier. I called Michael Huang. He asked what are you calling me for? I answered, I found the mystery of Two’s concentration camp. Michael said, really?! I Said, yes it’s true. I forgot about all those VHSs, videos, and video games Two sent me.

After you read the first 3 parts of this trilogy, read the fourth part, Hey Duggee - The Two Badge.


BFDI-TPOT 1- You Know Those Buttons Don’t Do Anything, Right? (ALTERNATIVE EARLY DRAFT, LAURA SKOLL)

The tape.

What a beating might look like.

The 5 teenagers (BW)

The 5 teenagers (in color)

Inside the slums.

The camp.

Bloody Two. (The Image At The End)