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Hello, My name's Jerry, I'm going to read you a story about how I watch a episode of the 11th series of Thomas & Friends episode but disturbing prototype version and how i saw him in real life.

Just help me expand this.

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If you want to see the real version of the episode in UK and US versions, they were uploads by ThomasHDClassics that are no longer available because the account associated with this video has been terminated.

Billy in the episode

The Story; Chapter 1[]

So one day, one of my favorite T&F characters when I was 13 years old, Billy, has been a good thing and i like how he is and I never see him again. one the next day, I was searching Thomas and Friends billy on EBay and i saw a vhs tape, I buy it, I was scared but it was successful. after a few days, I got a vhs tape, and i saw it, it read on Uppercase/Capital letters: "THOMAS AND FRINDS, DONT BE SILLY BILLY." I just laugh a bit because someone forgot to draw an Uppercase/Capital E and make a contraption of do and not. I started to put on my vhs player/vcr and I pressed play.

The episode[]

It started without the season 11 intro and the title of episode read Don't be silly Billy, but the font wasn't actually Thomas' own font, It was Comic Sans Font, I kept watching just normal things, until I reached the part where Thomas comes to the docks, until Billy came with pride, Bily starts speaking but his voice wasn't sounding like the narrator, just a voice of like a CGI version of him, Also the same to Salty and Thomas voices.

Billy: Hello, I'm Billy, Let's go!

Thomas: Wait Billy, We can't go yet, we have to wait for the fat controller.

Billy: Why?

Thomas: Because he know what we are to do

Billy: Well F*ck No!

I gasped, Did Billy said a bad word, It's a kids' show, I saw The fat controller went on the screen and he tells Billy

TFC: Billy, you are stupid as F*ck

Billy: um yes I am stupid as F*ck

TFC: Billy, you have to kill everyone on Sodor

Billy: yes sir!

Then Billy's eyes turn red and he got angry.

Billy: will do!

TFC: Thomas, start going to the shed

Thomas: OK sir

Billy was thinking he was ready and he was but still angry, and said: "I WILL KILL EVERYONE AND THE FAT CONTROLLER, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

then commercials came:

The commercials and their twists[]

  • Applejacks - The Cinnamon was covered in blood and The Apple was dying when he appears.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch - The Square eat them but with blood.
  • Lego City - when he says "Hey" it was demonic, there was no way to build the helicopter and the man drowns.
  • Barbie - The doll are covered in bloods.

Back to the episode[]

Billy was looking at me saying, you never see me do everything so I did killed the engines and now it's time for The Fat Controller's turn. it cuts to the fat controller and he looked at Billy saying:

TFC: Billy, that was so great to kill them all, you can be the number one engine, but wait where's Thomas?



Billy: YES YOU!


Billy: TOO LATE!

The screen goes all black and all you can hear was The Fat Controller scream to death.

It show Billy with a angry smile and say to me: "YOU ARE THE NEXT ONE!"

I was scared to what Billy said and the episode ended

After this[]

I got a few nightmared about that orange engine. The next day, I smashed the VHS Tape into pieces and went to my room, and I saw a creepy Trackmaster Billy toy on my bed.

My advice[]

If you see the tape, do not buy it, STAY AWAY FROM IT!

How I saw Billy in real life[]

I just know I was 22 years older now I guess so. and I still have my brother and sister (The Names were Steve and Brandy). my sister is now 9 years old and my brother is also 9 years old because they're twins and i was pre-adult like dad. that night I'll find billy and my twins we're behind me, i asked them if they want to see Billy, they both said yes, I went to my car and I drive off. I went into a abandoned place. I looked for Billy and my kids were with me. Steve says: "I do not see any sign of Billy." so we started to go home. Then, we hear a voice, which sounded so.... DEMONIC!

Demonic Voice: Where did you think you're going?

Brandy: who's that

Jerry: We have to turn around!

so we did and I saw something coming closer to us slowly, It's Billy! We ran away, we drive away from him, he started to catch us, we drvie away from until we made it home, we went into the bed and we heard him, billy was saying "OH, JERRY, WHERE ARE YOU?" WTF? how does he know my name? we got scared, until the next day, we have never died, we're alive, and I went downstairs and Billy was gone, phew I looked in my door, there's a note said in mispelled words (except for the 2-letter words like a 1 year old: "Bily is gonig to fnid yuo, plesae be teh nxet preosn heer, yuo wil be daed!" I was saying it was correctly spelled for: Billy is going to find you, please be the next person here, you will be dead! I don't want billy to kill me! I don't want to die!

The Story Chapter 2[]

Coming soon!