Do you know the channel "kittylover75?" It is a channel made of videos of Roblox, Toontown, and more. Today (or tonight), I will tell you theories that may be true.

  • kittylover75's real name is Andreanna Ri-Ann Carver. Note that her last name isn't really McCarver. She was using that last name for "privacy reasons."
  • Do you know the story of ARC.avi? It's actually a true story, and was created when kittylover75 had her first (and only) state of insanity.
  • kittylover75 has 4 possible disorders:
  1. ADHD,
  2. Anxiety (which might have caused the lack of uploads),
  3. Depression (which might have also caused the lack of uploads), and
  4. Heyguyskittylover75hereand

    Andreanna Ri-Ann Carver (kittylover75)

    PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Her birthday was on Pearl Harbor Day, which might have brung her pride (that she doesn't show to anyone).
  • She always wants to kill a person that she hates (I honestly don't know who), but she doesn't admit it.
  • She doesn't cry in front of anyone, because she was afraid that people will call her a crybaby.
  • The only exeption of the theory above (that sometimes occurs) is when she sees someone crying or when she gets hurt (on which she has a panic attack).
  • The last theory is that she's mainly depressed because she thinks she's lonely, and it's why she likes to make imaginary friends (mainly inspired by games or any type of video media).

Well, these were the theories, and I hope you understand well.