Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

So there i was, walking around the block when I come across a lost concert video and I stupidly take it back home to my big house, complete with an auditorium in the basement. I thought i'd see what was on the big screen down there. It was scratched but could still play without skipping. It was a lost episode for what appeared to be Star vs the Forces of Evil. Man I loved that show. Except for that controversial finale. Apparently this episode was an alternate version of the concert episode, you know where Ruberiot (voiced by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy) was performing. Except he was performing the theme from Ghostbusters 2016 (which many hate) and I was like "WTF? That is just weird and makes no sense!". I began to suspect this was just some crappy fan-made video. Then suddenly the music got louder and louder and even after I turned off the TV and unplugged everything, it wouldn't turn off (because OoOoOoO, SpOoKy!). And then people broke into my home and started jamming to the music. I tried to escape with my life but all the doors were closed and locked and I was trapped with everyone! And when the "episode" was over, my auditorium turned into a giant oven and Mad Mike the Pizza Chef (an Italian Flag/chef themed monster from Power Rangers turbo) showed up and we noticed we were all standing on pizza dough. He then threw toppings and cheese at us, turned on the oven and baked us all into a giant pizza!

The end.

First attempt at an original trollpasta. Don't hate.

Originally written for the LOLpasta/Trollpasta Wikis by Furbydude2015