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Oh yeah, heres a warning for all y'all guys: "WARNING: This creepypasta contains some profanity, a tiny bit of graphical content (or is there more....), and the use of spooky scary trains." Also, if your about to spew out (or vomit out) mean/hate comments in the comments section down below, please don't. I prefer constructive criticism on whats good and whats bad, and how I should improve on the next chapter (if I write another one)...or on writing another creepypasta. After all, this is my first creepypasta that I had ever written, anyways I hope you enjoy this creepypasta! :)



Hey everyone, vandalize this all you want for all I care. This creepypasta is pretty much old and cringy as hell in my opinion. It's just a creepypasta I made when I was twelve years old and it somehow went to the point that I got a "fan" from it who didn't seem happy when it got vandalized by Supergunzilla last year. Though, if you all want to continue it or something, you can just add another chapter. Or if you want to fuck around with it or something or make funny edits to it, go right ahead.

I pretty much lost interest in it ever since realizing what I made, literal garbage, almost filled with more bad language than I am typing for this update right now, it's like a twelve year old sailor was typing all this in. It is filled with cliches, the use of static, and black and bloody eyes. Like cmon, I am literally making fun of my own creepypasta right now while shouting: "Oooooh, bloody eyes, so scaaaary!", "Oh shit, worms being puked out and suddenly disappearing!? I gonna go poop now!", because this creepypasta is just dumb now honestly. Though sorry for that little rant that I made there, I kinda went overboard on the rant.

Though honestly, vandalize or add chapters to this if you want. Make a sequel or something for all I care. You don't even have to credit me at all! I can't wait to see some changes people made to it. I would like to see them!

Also, thank you for reading this and have a good evening here if you live in my timezone! And don't forget to keep this message so others can see it.



Update 2

I know, I said I was actually done with the creepypasta entirely, but I just want to make an update saying that it's possible that I will make a remastered or a revamped version of this creepypasta probably. Though, it will take some thinking about it, but it's guaranteed that Chapter 1 may come soon. Just saying...


Chapter 1

The thomas bootleg creepypasta by zerothree03-d99gps0

The cover of the story

I was only four years old whenever I saw this episode. It was 1998 and I got the VHS for my birthday since I loved Thomas so much and it's episodes. But the only strange thing I thought was off on the cover was that it was blank and it was called "Thomas's Nightmare". It was written in purple marker and the cover was almost torn and it had stickers of all the trains from the show on it like: Percy, Gordon, James, Edward, Henry, and many others, except for Thomas. There was just a black shape where he would have been. It was kind of strange but thought the people forgot to place the sticker of him on the cover correctly so I shrugged it off. And I also ignored the title and thought it would be just a Halloween episode like "Percy's Ghostly Trick". Also, whenever I asked my mom where she got it, she said that she got it from a family that was having a garage sale before moving out of town, and reported missing days later.

Flashback: A few days ago while she was at the garage sail she was looking for a VHS tape of Thomas she found the same tape that I described above the first paragraph. She bought it from the two elders which was the family. This was what they said:  Old Guy: Hello what do you want to get today?
Mom: I wanted to get this tape for my son's birthday.
Old Guy: This tape? Why, it's dangerous!
Old Lady: Yes, this tape belonged to our son who got in a car accident a few weeks ago before we realized.
Mom: And why is it dangerous?
Old Guy: Well, this tape gave him schizophrenia, nightmares, suicidal thoughts, and many bad things because of "him".

This what confused me the most was when I was in the car listening to the conversation. And who was this "him"? I was pretty eavesdropping at the time and curious but hey, I got the tape finally after my mom convinced them to and they gave up and gave it to my mom. And right after that, they looked like they were concerned, and worried. They ran back into the house quickly right after that. My mom thought they were a weird family.

  A few years later after the incident at the garage sale and with the tape, I was eighteen now. It was 2012 too and I was moving into college with my old friends in elementary school. And while I was doing that, I saw the same tape but it still seemed intact and in good shape after years of neglect and being stuck in the attic for 15 years. I was wondering what the fuck this tape was doing here but I was curious to see if something changed since it was "cursed" or whatever the hell is wrong with the tape. So I put the tape inside the dusty VCR... 

Chapter 2

    After I put it in, I started waiting ten seconds for it to start up but it won't. I thought it was broken. But as I was about to take it out to throw the damned tape away, It booted up to some Russian letters then a commercial popped up which looked like from the 1960's almost. While the commercials were playing, I gathered one of my best friends to the couch to watch the tape. They were named Gary, Jeremy, Fredrick, and Alexander. One of them sat down and Fredrick thought, "What the fuck is this movie?" as he saw the commercials. I told them everything about it, why we are watching it, and my bewildered past with the tape. One of them laughed about it including Fredrick, who found my reasoning of something very absurd. We watched the tape anyways. 
The screenshot of the demonic Fat Controller

We also had soda pop, popcorn with us while moving everything in. It started off with the intro but it seemed a little off. The music was extended along with the footage, and the sound was distorted but the footage was a tiny bit twitchy too. There were also no credits at the bottom of the screen, and instead there was black ink that looked so realistic, i thought there was a stain on my TV. I was wondering what the hell is going on and looking worried and Jeremy thought I been staying up too much, Gary agreed. Then it went to the title screen showing "The Fat Controller" (Sir Topham Hat) in front of the screen like usual in the other Thomas movie called, The Best Of Percy. The title screen said the same thing on the cover, "Thomas's Nightmare" and then the screen flashed to a demonic picture of Sir Topham Hat, or however you want to call him. With Russian text on the bottom. He looked angry and the screen had a blood red color to it as he was pointing his finger at us. I was wondering what the text was so I rewinded the footage and paused it on the picture and asked Alexander what it said since he lived in Russia before. "It says, I am Real, I am Dead, I am the Millennium, and I am Death...WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS SHIT MEAN?" he shouted loudly, I replied to him, "I don't know, but it seems cursed.". We continued watching the tape. It cut to Thomas sleeping in Tidmouth Sheds along with all the other engines in The Island Of Sodor. The filter and everything was finally normal and seemed fine after that. But not for long, A large engine was quietly steaming along near by it. There was a silhouette of a hydraulic grabber seen speeding by. I was thinking it was Diesel 10 because he had a claw named "Pinchy".  Finally, Thomas woke up after the hydraulic grabber's silhouette sped by. But he didn't look scared, he looked like he was depressed, and had insomnia. His face flashed to a grimace for a split second.

Someone then sped out of the Tidmouth Sheds afterwards as Thomas looked at the direction the tank engine went off too and then he mumbled something to himself that sounded something like, "How pathetic, Percy is gonna get lost if he wanders off then they will catch him...". "WHO WILL CATCH HIM?" Fredrick shouted out loud. Everything was dead silence after for a few minutes...

A loud buzzing noise was heard from the TV after what seemed like an hour, with words appearing on the screen saying "I CAN'T HIDE ANYMORE", "I'M TIRED OF HIDING IN THIS HELL", and then the final sentence, "LET ME BE FREE!". The buzzing and messages stopped flashing on the screen after and then a new scene started which looked like footage off of the Halloween special episode, Percy's Ghostly Trick. It shown Percy speeding through the entire scene while more scenes were placed in to make it longer then it cuts to another scene with the broken cart of lime from Percy's Ghostly Trick, but there was no narrator there to point out that it was there but just a tiny bit of white noise then Percy runs himself into it then it makes another loud buzzing noise as a loud scream was heard and the frame and screen starts to glitch and flicker. Almost everybody in the room jumped up except for Gary, he just sat there not moving a single muscle as he stares into the screen as if he seen something that is not possible at all and he then just got up and left after while he said, "I-I gotta go study for the essay..." as he just walks out the door of our room and walks down the corridors inside the complete darkness of the college.

The video finally stopped, and we are trying to contemplate what had happened in the video but what only overcame our mind was Gary. Something didn't seem right about him, he was probably lying about studying for the essay, and it just all seemed weird when he just leaves our room and walks down the hallways at night. We all hoped that Gary would come back soon and we then decided to study for a while and then go to bed to be prepared for the essay.

While I was in bed though, I had a feeling someone was hiding inside my room watching me cause I heard footsteps all around my room and mumbling while trying to sleep and I saw someone shuffling around from place to place...


Chapter 3

I woke up this morning to realize that one of my friends were gone, I also felt like I was sick. I slowly got up from the couch of the living room and turned around to the bathroom door to go vomit.

I slowly walked to the bathroom feeling more worse as I quietly screeched in pain as my back was hurting. I made it to the bathroom but I saw a note from my best friends who were my roommates. I seen it was from Fredrick, it said: "I know you are sick right now but were going to do the essay now so you better wake up and hurry the hell up! We need you up 12:45 PM 'SHARP'! So please get the fuck out of this room." You're roommate, Fredrick. "Ignorant bastard..." I thought to myself.

My vision was blurring while trying to make out the letters of the note, but it got more blurry and my vision was growing more darker. I started groaning and then I puked all over the sink as a lot of foam, stomach bile, and worm-like creatures were spilling out everywhere in the sink. I passed out for 4 minutes on the floor.

I finally woke up and got up from the bathroom to find out the bile was gone along with the worms and foam. I thought it was a dream so I brushed it off, but it confuses me mostly because how would that be possible? The bile would still be there! It just seems impossible for all this to happen unless my friends were pulling a sick joke but I know they wouldn't since the worms seemed alive.

The TV right behind me turned on with a jumble of colors mixed in the static. The static was just dark with the colors being dull, there was more ussian text translated to: "THESMELTERSYARD01.avi". I wondered if this was based off the halloween special whenever Thomas and his friends listen to a story of a train wandering the haunting place for a long time, possibly eternity. So I decided to watch it.

It began with the same scene of the fireworks, wooden children figures in costumes, and halloween-themed decorations. One of the engines were watching the fireworks along with Percy, he looked normal finally. He was wearing a grey ghost costume, and his eyes were twitching around violently. I guess that's not normal. Diesel appeared in the scene right beside Percy and had a conversation. This what I could make out since the white noise was blocking out the audio:  Diesel: "" Percy: "Gl...lik...t..." Diesel:"Ye.....wel....I" Percy: "Ceremony..?" *Percy started grinning* Percy: "Rig....ow..?" Diesel: "Yes..." *suspicious smile* *Shouting was heard, it seemed like it was Gordon* Percy: "O....sor...b....oth....plan..right" *Diesel's smile seemed to droop down to a frown* Diesel: "YoU'lL rEgReT tHaT cHoIcE PErCY, YoU wOrThLeSs EnGiNe..." *Diesel slowly backs away from him and rides off.*

Percy stares at the screen for 10 seconds with a blank expression while the white noise grows louder then the screen turns black as the noise stopped. His eyes were still twitching. Finally, it would fade to the exit of the Smelters Yard as a person walks inside wearing a cloak on him, it looked black as a inverted crucifix was printed on the front of it. The episode ended with him walking down the steps slowly panning away then it fades to black, with the credits appearing after. The credits were in Arial font, the producers were different along with the director. The writer was not Britt Alcroft at all, it was somebody named "Kevin White". The music was just some out of date music with a little girl singing "Silent Night" then it shuts off.

I didn't feel scared or creeped out on this episode since nothing very scary was on it, the only thing that gave me chills was what Diesel said after Percy rejected his offer and the person in the cloak. The credits were out of place too like, who is Kevin White? Well i'll find out soon, I gotta go... I am very late, I should of written these notes down later on. My hand hurts...

Chapter 4

I am writing again now inside this cabin I went in, and you want to know if I made it to my class for the essay right? Well, I didn't, the teacher is pissed off right now at me, and my friends were saying that I was late now.

Now about this "Kevin" guy, I saw him on the news. He started a shooting at a local Starbucks with a couple more people and their name's were: John Steel and "Swan". And how do I know? The two other men left their name's on the wall in blood as Kevin's dad mentioned about it. I was curious to hear more about it but the TV shut off. Something is fucking around with my TV.

The two men were arrested and charged for genocide. Kevin somehow escaped and ran into the nearby woods. I finally decided to leave the dorm and walk down the woods he ran into.

I finally set off to go find Kevin and put a end to this. Jeremy thought I was going to lose my mind over a tape that was "ripping-off Thomas".

I slowly walked into the desolate woods full of lifeless pine trees and broken branches. I slowly looked around the forest and looked straight ahead, what I saw was a small wood cabin. It looked outdated like a 1800/1900s cabin it had one small light on it as it slowly went out along with the door closing. I thought it was Kevin's house so I broke into there.

I looked through the open window and hopped through it landing on my belly. I started puking more but it was just more worms. I let out a small gasp at the worms realizing it was not a dream. I slowly got up and walked up to some pictures, some papers with random drawings on it, and a small book.

I looked at the drawings first which shown some models of trains and the distorted faces on Thomas and Percy I seen in the first footage of Thomas's Nightmare. I saw a storyboard of another episode which might of been for "THESMELTERSYARD02" but the paper was charred. Then a small book saying "Kevin's Diary". I took some of the items for debunking and researching.

I finished digging around for some stuff and changed my mind on finishing him. I started walking out of the cabin looking behind me slowly and then I tripped on a vase as a loud shattering was heard. A man opened the door wearing a mask of Thomas. "You're done..." a faint voice was heard from the mask as I dashed out the door. I went back to my college, Fredrick was burning the tape. Green smoke rising, "Jesus"! I yelled he looked at me "i saw him" he yelled. I stopped throwing up now but still i see Thomas in my dreams.

This is the end of the story for now guys.

I hope you guys liked this creepypasta that I made, and if there is any mistakes, well, remember this. This is my first time trying to write a creepypasta that is suppose to be like LONG. Also, for now, there won't be a Part 5 since I was lazy to do all of this and I didn't feel like doing much of it anymore on my DeviantArt. Also if you want the original story to The Thomas Bootleg, it will also be on my DeviantArt right here. Anyways, thanks for reading this creepypasta guys!


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