Hi my name is Willie McFu- oh come on willie you almost said fuck! don't get someone demonitized. Anyways My name is Willie McCluckshoe, I need you No I mean't to say I need to talk about...... something, i need to stop comma tizing my story, i don't want The Shadow Reader to say mean things ogain. Yes I SAID OGAIN INSTEAD OF AGAIN AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!!!!!!!! anyways I used to be a writer one day I wrote my favorite youtuber "The Shadow Reader" a story, which at the time I sucked at grammer, and my grammer will be shit NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY!!!! BTW continuing from there. YES FINALLY THE SENTENCE ENDS!!! I was walking in the Los Angeles, California, when Me Desided to write another story with is this!! A funnypasta yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. then Shadow saw me, which I thought was weird since he LIVES IN M I S S I S I P I idk if I spell it right I'm sorry for that, he keeps getting closer, closer, and closer, i tried to run but I tripped, then he disappeared. OK I ENDED THE SENTENCE!!! OK LEMME sing FOR THE REMAINING of THE STORY

šŸŽµcountry roaaaaaaddds, take me hoooooommmmee, to the plaaaaacceee, I belooooonnnnnngg, to west VirginiaaaaaaaaaašŸŽµ the end

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