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The Nutshack was a very awful cartoon. It is known for its theme song that it has been become a internet meme due to its catchy beat and repetitive lyrics. However, I was at Goodwill and found a DVD bootleg of The Nutshack season 2 which included the very rare episode called "Everybody Dies". I then went home and put the DVD disc in the DVD/Blu-Ray player.

When it played, it shows the opening but says "It's the Deadshack" and everyone's eyes were empty sockets and blood. Then cuts to the episode where Phil finds a Ouija board in a shop and buy it. Then he goes to his apartment and tells Jack. He forces him and Horatio to play it. While they played, Dwayne opened the door and he says "Hello gu... Wait a time, You don't want to play this gam.... OH SHIT!!!". Then the demon jump out and killed Dwayne, Phil, Horatio, and Jack. Tito Dick rushes to the scene but he was killed too. The demon escapes and takes over the city. The police came to attack the demon but he was too powerful and they were all killed.

Then cuts to the scene where Ed and Angel are doing some graffiti, the demon clawed them into pieces. He then goes to Cherry Pie's Vietnamese Hair Salon where Cherry Pie is having a party with Sanjee, Manu, and Chita. He eaten Cherry Pie and the people. Finally, it gets to the scene where Rainbow Scout and Willie are talking and the demon possession them to death.

I was quickly turned it off and destroyed it. It was 100% worse episode than the entire series I ever seen.


One week after I watched it, I tweeted the creators of the show about this and found out that this episode was originally set to air in June 7, 2011 but it was went unaired because they found out that it was too violent for the network and they said that Myx TV destroyed all the copies of the episode but the bootlegs were exist.