A/N: This is the second part of my Loud House darkfic, The Mirai House. If you haven't read the previous 2 parts, I suggest you read them right now starting with The Mirai House (PROLOGUE). Once you've read it and chapter 1, then you can read this chapter. Okay? Thanks.

The remaining Loud siblings, except for Lucy, Lisa, and Lily, gathered in the living room to finally discuss what was happening around the household. Lori was the one to speak about it since she was the oldest.

"Okay, how many of you got a weird phonecall this morning?" She asked the siblings

Just like that, all of the sisters that were there, and Lincoln, raised their hands.

"Since all of us got the same phonecall this morning, I'm also going to guess all of them said the same thing about how we needed to kill each other so one of us can replace God."

All the siblings nodded their head.

"What I'm going to guess is that this message is literally being taken literally, since we found Lynn, well, you all saw it." Lori said with a gleam of trauma in her eyes. The rest of the Loud siblings also had the same horrified faces, and a few of the more sensitive sisters cried a bit.

"*sigh* None of us even know if this phonecall is being serious or not. What we need to do from now on is refrain from killing each other until this whole thing gets sorted out." Lori explained

"But Lynn's already dead." Luna said sadly

"I know." Lori replied with the same melancholic tone

"I have a question." Lola raised her hand

"Yes Lola?" Lori asked

"Where's mom and dad?"



"We wouldn't want the parental figures getting in the way..."

Most of the remaining Loud siblings sat in the living room quietly, unable to shake off what they just witnessed. A few of them were even scared that they might be next, even Luan. She was somewhat close to Lynn as a sister, and seeing her dead corpse lying on the ground shook her to the point of not even being in the mood to joke about it.

Just then, Luan felt a chill on her forehead. Then, she saw what was going to happen sometime soon. A bullet shot through her head, and then falling dead to the ground. When Luan came back to reality, she saw something that gave a freezing chill down her spine.

"Hey Luan."

It was the ghost of her dead sister, Lynn. Luan opened her mouth to scream, but Ghost Lynn's hand covered her mouth before she could make a sound.

"Shhh...We don't want the others to hear you."

Luan sat still, shaking in fear. Was this really Lynn? Or was she hallucinating? Another question that was on her mind was...Was it her who gave her the death vision? So that was was she was going to ask.

"Did you..?" Luan whispered

"Give you the vision of your death? Yes I did." Lynn replied and then said something else afterwards.

"And I know who your killer is as well."

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