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2014 is the year Warner Brothers released The Lego Movie, and it's about a Master Builder named Emmet who goes on adventures to save the LEGOverse from villains. After 2 movies about DC Comics and the Ninjago brand were released in 2017 (along with a TV series starring Unikitty), Warner Brothers released the direct sequel to The Lego Movie in 2019… The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part! But what everyone doesn't know is that the sequel to The Lego Movie had a dark alternate ending, a lot more gruesome than you can imagine. You see, three days after The Lego Movie 2 came out in theaters, the original version of the movie with the alternate ending was locked away in the Warner Brothers studio vault, never to be released, and a new version with a happier ending was released instead. Even though there were witnesses, Newton (from Little Big Planet 3) thought he'd just imagined it. However, the Sacklings kept reminding her that it was, in fact, real.

But what was the ending? I'm about to tell you right now.

It happened on the first day that The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part came out in theaters. Characters from the Little Big Planet franchise decided to transform their living room into a theater in order to watch the movie with their friends from Craftworld, with some help from a lever that Scarlet pushed. The movie was supposed to start at 8 AM, but it didn't start until 9 because of Avalon eating the projector. It wasn't that bad thought, since the kids were having fun together. The adults, however, were all frustrated and angry. A theater employee apologized and offered the Sacklings all free candy. Newton then rushed into the living room to start the movie as everyone sat in their seats.

After some trailers for upcoming movies like Avengers: Endgame, the movie started normally, with the Duplo aliens attacking Bricksburg and causing it to turn into Apocalypseburg (right after the Warner Bros. Pictures/Warner Animation Group logo combo). It was going fine so far. However, during the scene where it showed Sweet Mayhem announcing that she will take Emmet's friends with her, the screen suddenly glitched. It froze for a second, and then went back to playing. The kids didn't care though.

Throughout the movie, the Sacklings could tell some things were wrong. During the scene where everyone surrounded Emmet and Rex while singing, they all had red eyes which seemed to be bleeding. Also, once in a while the song "Catchy Song" would glitch and become distorted and off-key. Not only that, but once in a while everything pink in the scene turned red for a split second. The characters also noticed that this film was twice more violent than the original. For example, there was a scene where a Duplo alien ate one of the Bricksburg citizens and blood filled its mouth, another where a cyborg crushed a sewer baby's head, and one where Rex gouged a Plantimal in the eye. It got worse near the end of the movie. When Emmet destroyed the cake at Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi and Batman's wedding, everyone was crying blood. Blood? What was the point of all this? Scarlet could tell some of the adults were confused too.

After that, the screen flickered and changed to a blue screen of death with a sine wave being the only thing heard. It made the Sacklings nervous, but when Clive Handforth burst into mocking laughter, Avalon began to laugh nervously. The kids were confused, but for those who have the knowledge of computers, it was really funny. Sackboy just shrugged this off. Hollow (from Little Big Planet Playstation Vita) was crying due to the loud noise and Vex (from Sackboy: A Big Adventure) was trying to calm him down.

A father then stood up and left. The noise playing got louder and louder. Sackboy got worried and clasped his hands over his ears. Then the screen went black and the noise stopped. However, the Little Big Planet Franchise characters could hear whispering in the background. Later, an Capt. Sirius Oclulus returned with Zippy and a flashlight, apologizing and letting them know they will resume the movie shortly. Suddenly, the TV went back on with a click noise, similar to that of a gun.

"Seriously?!" Zippy exclaimed.

This was the scene where Rex explained to Emmet his true identity as him from the future. However, it was muffled, as someone put a pillow over the speaker. If you have seen this movie, you would remember Wyldstyle going into the real world to see Finn and Bianca putting away their toys and then getting thrown into a bin. Then she would motivate everyone to escape, battle against the raptors, and save Emmet from Rex. Emmet would then fight Rex under the washing machine and destroy his time travel device. Wyldstyle would then explain that Emmet will never become like Rex which causes him to disappear.

What happened next wasn't any of those scenes.

Instead, it showed Emmet on Rex's ship with Wyldstyle, Sweet Mayhem, Unikitty, Batman, Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, Metalbeard, Benny, Ice Cream Cone, Balthazar, Banarnar, and even President Business. Most of them were tied up with ropes, but Emmet, Wyldstyle, Queen Watevra, and Batman were all handcuffed together.

"You won't get away with this, Rex!" Wyldstyle yelled, trying to break free from the handcuffs.

"Oh, yes I can!" said Rex "Even I kill my past self, I'll have a time paradox to keep myself in existence! Goodbye to all of you!"

He opens the airlock and Emmet and the others were pushed out of the ship by the raptors. The scene then turned black and white in slow-motion with the song "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap playing in the background. They all were falling into the giant lego box known as Armomageddon. As soon as they landed, something very unexpected happened.

It went back into the real world in color, where Fin and Bianca have gathered all their legos in a box. They then carry it out to the backyard and put it on a strange circle on the ground. What were they doing? They then started to put paper and logs around the box and squirt it with lighting fluid. They then lit the whole thing on fire with a single match.

,Heres a screenshot shot of poor Emmet

The scene then went back to the inside of the box. All of the minifigures inside were screaming in pain as fire emerged from around them. It was an extremely ear-shattering banshee-like scream that would haunt the Little Big Planet characters for days. It then went to Emmet and the others. Their ropes and handcuffs shrank and melted into a thick goo, which stuck to their bodies. Thick bubbling flesh-colored slime was oozing out of everyone's bodies. Sackbot remembered Emmet’s face the most. Because this was the screen mainly focused on as they advance to the fire in the middle. Black bubbles popped in his cheeks and his screaming mouth opened wider and wider until his whole jaw melted off the hinges, leaving long thin stings of burning plastic that looked like cream cheese, along with a bloody molten tongue dangling from his head. It was so realistic and not as if his mouth was just painted on.

cheese and plastic what Sackboy was even looking at The banshee like scream escalated and escalated with the speakers all around it came everywhere at once

Everyone's stomachs felt like it was about to explode. Sackboy, Newton and the other characters was glued to their seats and couldn't move. Emmet's eyes melted off and rolled down his cheeks. This time, it looked like they were painted on. The same thing occurred with everyone else....well, except for Unikitty, Sweet Mayhem, Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, Balthazar, and Banarnar. Their eyes acted like actual globes of gelatinous substance, exploding like egg yolks and leaving gaping holes in their place, not like paint like the others' eyes did. Later I realised why, eyes are the mirror to the soul eyes even though if they look painted they are always real as they explode into a liquid state so their souls burning in the fiery pits of hell it’s silly to think that we have a Lego character but that’s the only reason Sackboy gets for this explanation I’m not quite sure if it makes him feel any better to think that way actually it just makes him feel worse.

Emmet's hair melted over his head and shaped it unnaturally and his body reduced to a molten mess of orange and blue slime. You could hear Rex laughing in the background at this point. Emmet convulsed backwards, but not too far, as his hands were fused to Wyldstyle and Sweet Mayhem's hands. The screaming was like the sound of pure hell like something for a demon the fire was still burning and the LEGO minifigures were prepared for there death. Cyberton felt a sharp cramp in his hands as he was holding onto the arms of his seat. The family couldn't get up because they fear if they did, Sackboy would end up in that pit and melt as well if he didn't keep some of himself in reality.

Most of the footage focused on Emmet, but you could catch footage of the others too. Legos like Wildstyle, President Business and Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. Emmet's hair melted over his head and shaped unnaturally with the fabric of his clothes caught fire in one burst, Benny and Batman's masks melted around their heads and engulfed them completely, Sweet Mayhem's armor shrunk up around her body, Metalbeard fell apart and his melted hat and beard swallowed up his disembodied head, and Banarnar's peel peeled off, revealing his molten fruity inside which was starting to turn black. Everyone was melting into disturbingly colorful goo.

There was no blood, just plastic, molding itself off and bursting into flames. Avalon felt his skin start to burn and could smell the burning plastic sticking to his face and clothes. He'll regret this for the rest of his life. The screaming turning into wailing. The characters was able to come out of their trance long enough to realize that the sound of crying and screaming did not come from the speakers anymore but Sackboy. Emmet and the others were dead, but Sackboy was the one screaming and weeping.

It then showed Rex looking down at the crackling fire and laughing the most evil laugh Homer have ever heard. With a sudden burst of strength Gustovo grabbed Sackbot and ran out of the living room. Zippy scurried past them. He was yelling at the employee who stood giving tickets. The poor kid didn't seem to get what he was saying. Soon enough, a small crowd of parents surrounded him. Things started to get worse and the kid had to escape.

The Little Big Planet characters had no idea what to do. Should they close the theater? Join the mob of angry parents and wailing children? Go to the police? Homerks feet moved on their own and he let his instincts take over. The door, I was leaving. It was better for the theater to turn back into 742 Evergreen Terrace anyway.

A hand suddenly grabbed Avalon and he yelped. It was Captain Pud with his son in his arms. It turned out that his name was Newton. They exchanged phone numbers after he told me he would see to it to get an explanation for what happened.

Sackboy and the others took two baths, but the stench couldn't go away. Eventually, Sackboy stopped crying and fell asleep in pure exhaustion. Everyone else, except for Clive couldn't sleep though. Every time they closed their eyes, they could see life-like eyes burst or Emmet's jaw hanging loose until it crashed onto his lap.

Later, Avalon got a call from Vex. Avalon remembered slumping in his chair as he spoke and hot tears streamed down his face. His head hurt his ears are bleeding and his eyes burned. He thought they might pop out too. He could also hear Rex's evil laugh from right behind him. It was almost like he was standing there. Vex said that the management took the remaining few parents to see to the computer that handled the projection of the movie. Sure enough, they found a virus stored in there, which streamed a homemade version of the movie. Vex’s job was to handle computers, so he was able to look through it for those who couldn’t. He tried tracing back where the streaming had come from, and the virus, but there was no lead to follow. Either the prankster was an employee and had set up the virus from the computer itself, had covered his tracks very well, or something was very, very wrong with this picture. Avalon preferred a rational explanation to something of outer nature, so he opted to believe it was an employee who’d had access to the computer. Either way, other than the corrupted files the virus had left behind, there was no evidence of the disturbing footage they’d watched. It was gone. As for the closing Warner Bros. Pictures logo at the end of the movie? Well, it's one of the corrupted files.

Everyone never heard about this again. Avalon checked, and Newton did too, but there were no records of it. Scarlet said what an effort it was to pull such a prank like that. Clive even tried to contact Warner Bros (the company who made her) but they never returned her calls or e-mails. To this day, the sacklings still get a whiff of burning plastic once in a while when Sackboy was in tears at night, suffering from those horrible nightmares.

That is, until the Sleeping Beauty and Mulan Extended Editions came to Springfield…