This creepypasta is based off a famous Internet Show. Like all pasta's out there, this one is 99% fake because all creepypastas are fake. Enjoy!


Hi, My name is Britton. I enjoyed watching Alan Becker's Something vs Animation series. I always put the captions on because I did not know what the characters were meant to be saying. However, I stopped watching it for 21 days (3 weeks) because of an unforgettable, creepy episode.

Where it all began

Photo of The Second Coming lying Dead on the floor

Second coming dead.

I went to YouTube to look for some new Animator vs. Animation episodes. I then saw a video with a strange thumbnail and title. The thumbnail was Red hanging on a noose. I read the video creator's name. "Alan Becker".

I thought someone hacked his account so I ignored it. The title was "Suicide vs. Animation."

"Odd" I thought.

The thumbnail-0

The Thumbnail

Without thinking twice, I clicked the video.

Now this may sound cliche, but what a mistake I made.

The episode started with Green, Blue, and Yellow walking and talking.

Captions: "talking"

However, after like 5 seconds, they made a terrifying discovery.


The photo


Green: OH MY GOD!

Blue: SC, ARE YOU OK!?


Then they all screamed.


The suicide note


The ending.

Captions: *SCREAMS*

Different sounds of screaming were playing. After 10 seconds, screaming could still be heard and it showed Second Coming's body dead on the floor. Blood covered the ground. I was sick. I puked on the floor.

Then, "FLASH!", a flash of an Image. I rewound frame by frame and found the image. The image was terrifying. It was a girl in some room with no arms. She had some creepy eyes. The room was dark with a half showing bed, a lamp, and many more. I then watched the rest. Sounds of flesh peeling, bones breaking and blood splats while they were screaming. Then, they stopped screaming and ran. Few seconds later, they stopped with a discovery. A suicide note.

Read it yourself it's right there.


Green: Welp we lost 2 friends. One is missing and one died.

*All cry* (it was very real sounding like it was taken from real people crying)

I was heartbroken to see all the stick figures cry. I actually was so heartbroken, I cried too.

Then the episode ended with a black screen with the words "Insanity and Death is the only way to escape."


I then emailed Alan becker about this. 2 weeks later, they replied with this:

Hi, Britton. How on earth did you find this episode? We are sorry we crushed your dreams. We hired a guy who- I forgot his name. He started making these kind of episodes. We had to fire him for that. We will delete this shortly. Do not worry, the episode will never be found. It's okay.

Sincerely, Alan Becker.

I then looked up the episode but no trace of it. I guess they did delete it.

So who was this guy? Why did he make those types of animations? Is there a backstory of why he did that? Those questions I'm afraid will never be answered. If you see this episode anywhere, do not watch it. It's for your own good.

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