Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

Did you know there was a lost episode of SpongeBob? I know because I used to work for Nickelodeon. My boss called

The title card.

me in to tell me something important. He told me of a banned episode that he wanted me to watch. He gave it to me and told me to get out. When I got home, I put the tape in and it started.

The episode was called "Squidward Gets Revenge." It started off with Squidward sitting and staring at the camera. I was confused. Why wasn't he doing anything? He then started talking about how much he was sick and tired of Spongebob always being annoying and obnoxious.

Squidward grabbed a knife from the kitchen and said,

"He must die. They ALL must die!"

He then snuck into Spongebob's house. Spongebob was asleep. Squidward took the knife and stabbed him in the chest multiple times. It was so gruesome that I almost threw up. Blood was gushing out of his chest. He was dead. He went to do the same to Patrick. I don't know what the hell the animators were thinking when they made this but it was pretty messed up.

Squidward snuck into Patrick's house and did the same thing. He then went on to kill Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Pearl, and even Mrs. Puff.

He took enjoyment in killing everyone he knew. He then said,"What have I done? I killed everyone I knew. Now I must die."

He took a gun said his goodbye and shot himself. Blood splattered all over the screen. Black text appeared saying,

Spongebob and everyone else is dead. The series is over. Goodbye.

I later found out that my boss had been murdered and that I was stuck with this horrible episode. I quit my job after that. If you happen to find another copy of this episode, for Goddamn christs sake, don't watch the bloody thing!!