This funnypasta was reuploaded due to the fag by the name of Stockbad. Everyone block him! Anyway, enjoy.

How I got thisEdit

This is the sequel to Spongecry.avi! Holy shit I got sent to hell after watching this. I was searching for Spongebob episodes until I found a file named "Squidcry.avi". I played "Squadnnnard" and the Spongebob intro played normally but when Spongebob plays the flute, there was mega ultra hyper realistic juicy blood and he died. The title card said, "Squidward Cry"

The EpisodeEdit

The episode starts with Squ1dw@rd walking to his house, Crying. It stayed like that until it cuts to Squidward crying in his bedroom. That was the and of act 1. Act 2 starts with Squidward crying intensely until it cuts to a Russian text saying, "Your next" and then Squidward came to fucking life and killed me. The end. 

P.S, Incase if any of you doofus is asking their cat how am I writing this if im dead. Simple. I turned into a ghost. Yup. After Squidward gave me cry cancer and the last words I heard was, "Fuk u" , I turned into a ghost. How does that work? Idk, and idgaf.

P.s.s,  Your mom is a flamengo. My Mario plush got AIDS from her. Along with freddy, Anyway, TEH END

He killed me

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