Whats the difference between a Spongy and a Spongebob? Well i'll tell you. A Spongy is from BFDI and a Spongebob is from the show with the same name.

Here is facts about the two:

  1. Spongy looks like a fatter naked version of Spongebob
  2. Spongebob became Evil Leafy so he can encourage Spongy to exercize to death
  3. How Spongy became fat is because he eats Spongebob's corpse
  4. Spongebob hates Squidward so much that he killed him and ate Squidwards corpse

Dark Sponge website

There's a dark sponge website that has jump scares, creepy images and massive amounts of blood.When you enter the website, a disturbing image of Spongy and Spongebob appear. Both sponges have black round empty eyes holding hands (Spongy dosn't have arms so he's holding Spongebob's hand with his foot) with a dark red background.After that, you see a white background with the two sponges (Spongy on the left hand corner and Spongebob on the right hand corner with crappy Kevin Mcleod music (Inanimate Insanity theme song).Once you click on one of the sponges, the music slowly goes crappy (like in Inanimate Insanity episode 7 or 8) and if you mix the sponges together,the music stops and a huge amount of realistic blood and crap covers the screen and the mutant sponge will mysteriosly poop offscreen and its poop will jump scare you to death. LET DO IT! OH CRAP! OH MY GOSH bbnllabbllabnkkabblab,ablabalbbalnllwnnl bleh!

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