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The Red Nickelodeon Fish.

The Title Card

The Alternate Title Card

I was once a real big fan of Nickelodeon. I mean, specifically the show SpongeBob SquarePants, but you get the point. So we all know Stephen Hillenburg died in 2018. Yeah, I was in tears. So in honor of him, I decided to buy every SpongeBob DVD that was available. I'm talking every single DVD. So a couple of days later, I was out for a jog to exercise, and then I found this random homeless guy. He was selling a BUNCH of SpongeBob DVD's that the SpongeBob team were using to test their skills. I told him, "How much are they? And where did you get them?" He said all of them costed a dollar each and he got it after he supposedly "quit" his job as a Nickelodeon worker.

I had never seen this man before. But then he said he quit BEFORE the SpongeBob team even started producing the episodes. Still, that sounded pretty fishy, but I gave him that buck anyways. So yeah, I went back to my house, and I put in the DVD into my PS5. But the first thing I saw was that old Nickelodeon fish floating around. I was really back in memory lane. But then I noticed something. The fish's eyes were bloodshot and the fish itself was red. "This guy might be trying to scare me.” I thought to myself.

Either way, I didn't really care about it. I mean, anyone could paint a fish red with photoshop. The menu screen was just a stretched-out.Png of a smiling SpongeBob with a title called "TEST_SPONGE_8.mp4". I clicked on it.

The first thing I saw was the intro. It was fine. But the title card was kinda weird. The background was gray. The title of the episode was called "Lies" and there was a pentagram with it. During the title card, there was this satanic worshipper music or something was playing in the background. That whole title card just made me think of that "Spooky Scary Skeletons Send Shivers Down Your Spine" video.

SpongeBob Eating Kelpo

And after that, the episode began. SpongeBob was eating some Kelpo. "Well Gary, I am heading to work! See ya later, Gare-Bear!" After SpongeBob left the house and off to work, he saw a fish. No like, an actual fish, I think a dead one, just right there. So then uh, SpongeBob got some pills out of his pocket and ate them. I started to notice that visual static.

Out of nowhere blood just starts coming out of his mouth and he begins to cough and gasp for air. I got kind of nervous at this point, because they don't allow blood in cartoons and SpongeBob could've gotten discontinued. So, SpongeBob screamed and ran as fast as he could to the Krusty Krab. When he walked in, there was a huge line of fish customers who were waiting to get Krabby Patties. Then Mr. Krabs yelled out, "SPONGEBOB!" The only thing off was that it wasn't the original voice actor. It sounded more like he got replaced with another one. Okay, NOW I actually got scared. Like on a serious note.

SpongeBob Swatting Mr. Krabs

SpongeBob Flipping the Krabby Patties

"SpongeBob cook those patties! The customers are in a frenzy!" SpongeBob ran into the kitchen as fast as he could. He makes the Krabby Patties, I mean at first, Mr. Krabs walks back in and SpongeBob cartoonishly swats him back and forth, telling him he cannot handle him. And well, this is where the whole episode just goes... Downhill.

As the loop of SpongeBob flipping patties continued, a metal door started shaking. A little bit later, there were some screams. I started to shake. I heard these sounds before. Then, SpongeBob just stopped cooking all together and just stared into nothingness. The screams continued.

"People think I am a good person. Lies, LIES, LIES!!!"

The room got darker and the screams started to get louder and more painful. The kitchen set on fire. I had to cover my ears, and then finally, it ended. SpongeBob stared at the viewer. He smiled, and that was when I noticed static filling up the screen.

"People think I am a good person. Lies, LIES, LIES!!!" SpongeBob yells. I noticed the static intensify.

"I think I can show Mr. Krabs what I think of..."

It cut back to him making Krabby Patties. Except this time, he wasn't smiling. He threw a Krabby Patty at Squidward. Then he went back to grilling the patties for a moment and then called Mr. Krabs for help.

When Mr. Krabs came to SpongeBob, he was confused. SpongeBob didn't need help with anything. And that's when the episode turned gory. SpongeBob grabbed Mr. Krabs' head and used his bare hands to dislocate Mr. Krabs' bones, skin him alive and then dismember him.

First, he twisted all of Mr. Krabs' arms/legs until they came off. Then he straight up RIPPED his shell in half. SpongeBob then started peeling Krabs' skin off very slowly, and after a while, Mr. Krabs' began gurgling in a low pitch. "Oh... You're still alive... More fun for me theEnN!" SpongeBob violently twisted his' face around. Then he grabbed a pan and shoved it down his throat. He also bashed in Mr. Krabs' face until his face was split in half.

Maniac SpongeBob ripped off the windpipe in Mr. Krabs' throat and started reaching through the hole. He reached all the way through the neck and grabbed something. That was his spine. And as soon as he grabbed it, the episode froze for a moment. Three black rectangles covered Mr. Krabs' mutilated eyes and mouth. Then after a long time, the episode resumed, the black rectangles faded and SpongeBob started digging inside Krabs' body to find his heart. He ended up peeling it apart and EATING it. After that, he split Mr. Krab's gums and teeth into halves (just for fun I guess?). He also ate Mr. Krabs' eyeballs and tore off the nerve endings connected to those eyeballs. (To use them as a toothpick. Yeah, what is wrong with him?)

SpongeBob started violently jumping on his body while laughing maniacally. And finally, after all that, SpongeBob peeled off the rest of his flesh so he could see the remains of his internal organs. He crushed them until all that the organs were was a pool of mixed liquids and bits of inside. He finally stopped.

SpongeBob started laughing and soaked in all of the blood that was splattered onto him. Then he realized he could kill another person. Squidward. He went to Squidward, reading a newspaper. Squidward told him to bug off since he knows all of the customers are dead already. But SpongeBob said, "Squidward, I know I'm annoying, but, this... This will be the last time."

Before Squidward could react, SpongeBob grabbed his chest and ripped it open. He kicked his insides, splattering it across the room. His head was blown to bits and his brain was ejected through his skull. Cleanly. SpongeBob slowly plucked Squidward's eyeballs out, ate them, ripped off his lips, and used the nerves on Squidward's eyes as a toothpick (as was with Mr. Krabs). SpongeBob also stepped over his private parts and bashed his head inside his torso. After he was done, SpongeBob walked up to the last customer in the restaurant, who was frozen in fear. He picked up both Krabs' and Squidward's remains and showed it to that customer. He threw it at the customer, and after that he just bashed their head into a pulp.

As I kept watching, SpongeBob entered the gym. He saw Larry and gave him a protein milkshake.

Recreation Of That Black Rectangle Scene

"Thanks." Larry drank it. Blood started coming out of his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, everywhere. He tried to perform the heimlich maneuver, but he just coughed up more blood, and he was unable to get it out of his system. "SpongeBob, why would you-" His pale body fell to the floor before he could even finish his sentence. He started seizing. "That wasn't that fun putting in a bunch of liquid mercury in that cup. Well, at least I'm not a monster who steals every boy's girlfriend", SpongeBob mumbled.

SpongeBob By Sandy's Tree Dome.

Mr. Krabs' Corpse

Unsatisfied, he went to Sandy's tree dome. Sandy was working on a brand-new invention that looked like a woodchipper. SpongeBob, bored, threw a rock at the dome and walked away. The dome cracked a little until it broke, letting water in. Fortunately, Sandy escaped with another one of her inventions. SpongeBob didn't care either way. He only cared about one more target. "One more kill will satisfy me."

SpongeBob Is About to Kill Patrick

It cut to SpongeBob knocking on Patrick's house with a lighter. Patrick was scared because his “fingers“ were gone, even though he never had any fingers in the first place. Eventually SpongeBob got impatient and burned part of the rock down. SpongeBob opened up his mouth and started burning Patrick's vocal cords with his torch. Patrick started gurgling and soon a whistle came in accompanied with the screen fading to darkness. Patrick attempted to call for help but no one was even passing by his house. Then it cut to Patrick covered in the remains of his rock, still alive, covered in blood with his skull and some other bones exposed. He was unconscious though. But the flames in Patrick's insides were extinguished.

His face had also been burned from the outside. Everytime the flames would stop, SpongeBob would just light his face on fire again. The burnt flesh eventually stuck onto Patrick's skull like glaze on some clay. His eyes were still there though, and he could still see. His eyelids were burnt away so he couldn't blink. His gums and lips were gone. SpongeBob took a camera and recorded a video. He slowly awakened and I could tell he couldn't remember anything. After he opened his eyes, he started screaming like a wild animal, even though his vocal cords were almost gone. I don't mean "like a wild animal" that in a funny way. It sounded like the voice actor himself was being burned alive, and he started relying on his instinct. He fell unconscious again and SpongeBob started smashing his face against the camera. I know it is a cartoon, but that is just brutal, and it even made me mad. Patrick woke up one more time and cried very quietly with the strength he had left, and SpongeBob looked at him.

"Everyone will love this video!"

A message came up that said "あなたが次のだ..." I didn't know what that means so I used Google Translate on my phone. It was Japanese that meant "You are next..."

The Message That Appeared Right Before the Next Clip Started.

The scene then cut to SpongeBob's house. It showed the inside of the house, which was all dirty and trashed. There was also a pentagram on the wall, the same pentagram on the title card. The next room had Gary in it, dead with his shell broken and eyes slit. The next room showed a bunch of dead bodies of the fish kids. SpongeBob was lying in bed with a knife in one hand and a face covered in blood. He said "Oh waaaiiiittt. This is a hallucinogen, I bought the hallucinogen on accident instead of the pill I needed from the drug store! No wonder why!"

SpongeBob laughed that iconic chuckle before slowly realizing what he has done and realizing that he had killed... No, no, slaughtered, everyone he loved. He ended up hanging himself in a busy Bikini Bottom street. As he decomposed, a vomit-like liquid slowly pumped out of SpongeBob's corpse. No one dared touch him. In the end there was a time lapse of SpongeBob decomposing, his eyes remaining open as the eyelids decayed away. His eyes becoming bloodshot after the veins spilled open after all the cells were dead. Staring there. His yellow turned into a brownish-red from the flesh and blood escaping. Eventually he was completely gone.

"Remember to be careful!"

The Pentagram Was Here

Then it just showed SpongeBob but with a creepy bloody smile. He said, "LIES, LIES, LIES!!!" And then the episode abruptly ended. I mean, I've seen some gore videos over the years, but this was horrifying. It made me gag seeing the time lapse sequence at the end with SpongeBob slowly decomposing away. Like seriously, this is one of the most terrifying videos I have ever seen. Worse than many others. Please, please, do not go searching for this SpongeBob DVD, it will haunt you until the end of your life. In my case, I ended up throwing it in the trash. Never to be seen again.

Hello there. If you are reading this, that means I am dead but I esacped that Hell. I killed my friends because of a mistake I made. If you ever find my episode, then I will come for you and kill you like I killed Mr. Krabs and Patrick Starfish. Be careful because I am coming back and you will die here... with them... with me...

- SpongeBobs Final Message, unknown

Hope you enjoyed my story, because... I... am... real...



The Video

The video was something I created before my death told hold of us... watch it... please...