( note : this creepypasta does not have Patrick,squidward,sandy,mr.krabs,plankton, or anyone else that appears in spongebob squarepants show, if you become annoyed while reading this which you should not because that would be weird if you got annoyed , anyway, if you become annoyed while reading this, we advise you to stop reading , put your hands on your ears , and scream to your nearest mechanic store , when you get there , tell them to get you a cheeseburger your welcome )

the pasta == anyway the story begun when I was going to the tape store to find some films but I searched everywere for spongebob lost episodes but then I found this tape it looked creepy it read KILLER SNAIL in bloody writing , I was scared at first but I had to watch it so I went to the shop owner to buy it and I said shop owner , can you tell me about this video ? and he said sure, sure, what's the name of the film ? and I said killer snail and he said killer what ? and I said killer snail, it's a lost episode and he was very scared when I said the title and he said well , killer snail was an episode of spongebob squarepants in 2000, but they took it off the air because it was TOO scary for people to watch , then in 2006, it was turned into a dvd, so now if you don't have a tape player you can't watch it, and that's what it is about. and he was still scared, so I said what's the price ? and he said please just leave with the tape, you're scaring me to death, so please leave !!! so I left with the tape

anyway, it was 4.00 AM when I was preparing to watch the tape, but before I did that, I was watching wander over yonder, so I quit watching it and put the tape in

anyway, the video begun with the spongebob squarepants theme song playing, but it was a g major and the theme song was backwards , then it showed the title card, the title card showed spongebob dead witch scared me

then, the episode begun with happy-go-lucky music as casual, then the entire screen turned black , and it showed gary with realistic-hyper-bloodshot eyes and his shell was gone and he had hands and had a knife in his hands and it was dark in the house and gary said in a demonic voice meow and the knife was in the air and spongebob came in and said what the f--k !? and the knife flew after spongebob so he ran he ran he ran and he ran but the knife still kept following him and eventuly , the knife killed spongebob

then it showed another short , and it showed two gingerbread cookies ( witch one of them had gary's head on it ) and I learned that the scary part was over... but it wasn't, the a tiny marker was shown in gingerbread gary's hand and he said to another cookie I'm gonna draw on your face and that's was the scene that scared me most and the other cookie said I am the gingerbread cookie and that part made me laugh

then in the third short, it showed gary turning into a demon and it had hyper-realistic-bloodshot eyes blasting spongebob and he said to me watcher, why are you doing this to me , AHHH and spongebob's voice did not sound like his normal voice, in fact, he had a different voice actor

then in the fourth short , it showed gary as a teacher, teaching his three kids how to do math and it showed that for four minutes and twenty-three seconds , then his eyes became red, his shell fell off , and he got devil wings

then in the final short , it did the exact same thing that happened in the first short, and this time, it showed gary... as a demon and spongebob was still running from the knife , and the place was flooded with darkness , and a giant conch shell was after him and then a giant totem head that looked like Patrick ate him, then the lights were back on and in the hospital the doctors and nurses were giving him anaesthetics to calm him down

it said the end in bloody writing

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                  created by max giovino made from uncle grandpa goodnight