This was one of the weirdest episodes of SpongeBob I have watched. It first started out with SpongeBob getting angry at Mr. Krabs for firing him. SpongeBob grabbed his spatula and began to thrust the spatula into Mr. Krabs' chest. Mr. Krabs looked at the screen in horror as you can hear the scraping of SpongeBob pulling the spatula downward of Mr. Krabs' chest. The next scene it showed SpongeBob smiling while wearing Mr. Krabs' shell with Mr. Krabs dead on a table with his chest and ribcage ripped open. A newsfish came with newspapers and gave one to Spongebob. "Yeah." smoothly said SpongeBob. The episode then transitions to Patrick standing in front of a box in the kitchen of the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob then came out of the box with a knife and began cutting Patrick. The next scene showed SpongeBob wearing Patrick's skin. Squidward was in the next scene, panicking while locking his door. Squidward then decided to soak in the bathtub. In the background you could hear SpongeBob laughing. Squidward was began to look all over the room panicking. As soon as Squidward turned around, SpongeBob was seen rolling into the room from Squidward's bathroom window. SpongeBob then snuck up behind Squidward and twisted Squidward's neck.

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