If you've seen the season 12 of South Park, "Breast Cancer Show Ever", you'll know that it wraps up the continuous storyline trend the show has been following since Season 12.

Season 12’s storyline is Wendy getting in trouble at breast cancer when Cartman started mimicking her about dying is funny, so Wendy gets in a fight with Cartman at school.

But did you know there was a different version of the episode?  The show South Park is popular and it hit Comedy Central. What if they show Breast Cancer Show Ever. What if they sent the released version that was darker, graphic, violent, brutal and cruel than the original version.

What follows is a detailed breakdown of the original version.

The episode starts off as it does in the final version: Wendy is seen threatening to fight Cartman at school.

The episode continues normally from here. The episode begins with Eric Cartman mocking breast cancer during Wendy Testaburger's presentation on breast cancer awareness, with Mr. Garrison doing little to stop him. Cartman often tells Wendy to eat his underwear and Wendy says he has no respect at all.

This is where the differences begin: Wendy is much more and more and more and more violently Threatening to murder Cartman. She is more aggressive and unlike the 2008 version of the episode, she slaps Cartman after once again mocking breast cancer awareness.

The conversation with Cartman and Stan plays out very normally while Butters, Jimmy, Craig often tell the dentition about the fight and often rescheduled to began tomorrow morning.

Wendy knocks on the window and shouts directly at Cartman. Only in this version shouting to Cartman, steaming with rage. Only in this version, she looks even angrier, making death threats to Cartman.

"Tomorrow morning! You fucking die tomorrow morning! I WILL KILL YOU IN FRONT OF EVERYONE INCLUDING Your FUCKING MOTHER!"

Meanwhile, Wendy gets scolded by her parents, Another difference arises at this point. Wendy’s parents are more angrier and the conservation are longer than in the final version.

The following dialogue begins at night where Wendy gets told off by her parents, but it’s very dark.



"We need to talk to you, right now."

Wendy comes down stairs and her parents wasn’t having it.

"Wendy, have you been bullying kids at school?" Mrs Testaburger angrily said.

"What? No!" Wendy snarled angrily

"Well, do you want to explain why this little boy's mother had to come talk to us?" Mrs Testaburger said.

Did you tell this little boy you were going to beat him up?! ANSWER ME!!" Mr Testaburger snarled at Wendy

"You don't understand. He said horrible things." Wendy snarled

"The, the thing is, I totally said I was sorry, but she still wants to beat me up" Cartman cried.

"Wendy, no matter what a person says, you don't respond with violence. Haven't we taught you that? Are you fucking listening to us!" Mrs Testaburger said.

"The thing is, Wendy, I really think you're awesome, and I know I'm just a nerdy little weakling to you, but I want to be your friend because I don't have that many friends at schooooooooooool." Cartman sobbed.

Without hesitation, Mrs Testaburger strikes Wendy across the face as She yells in pain and falls to the floor. Mrs Testaburger violently slaps Wendy, she does not do this in the original version because it would’ve been darker.

"Wendy, you tell this little boy you aren't going to hurt him!"

"Mom, you don't-"

"NOW, young lady." Mrs Testaburger snarled.

"I'm not going to hurt you." Wendy sarcastic said.

"If there is any word of you fighting at school it is over for you, missy! Do you understand?!" Mr Testaburger sakd

"Yes sir."

"Call me dad! NEXT TIME SHOW THIS LITTLE BOY SOME GODDAMN RESPECT. Remember young lady, I’ll make you regret the day you threatened to beat him up!" Mr Testaburger roared

Wendy snarled rudely and angrily at dad "Fine, then. You bastard!"

Mr Testaburger was shocked at what Wendy said to him. But angered at what he said.

"I’ll make you regret the day you were born!" Mr Testaburger snarled,

"We're so sorry about this, Ms. Cartman." Mrs Testaburger said to Liane.

The fight between Wendy and Cartman played very differently

Wendy then meets Cartman on the playground for the fight so here’s the dialogue: 

"Wendy, don't forget: I'll tell my mom on you."

"I don't care!"

"Um, recess is almost over, I don't I don't know if there's really time."

"Shut up and fight!"

"Alright, fine Wendy! I'll fight you, you big bully!"

Wendy spits on the floor and fights Cartman.

"Fuck him up, Wendy" Butters shouted in the crowd.

Bebe spreads the word that Wendy is going to fight, and the entire school rushes outside. The vengeful Wendy arrives on the playground, confronts Cartman. When he threatens to tattle again, she tells him that she doesn't care, and the fight begins. While the battle starts with Cartman beating Wendy, she soon turns the tables and proceeds to give Cartman the beating of his life. 


Cartman screeches like a banshee charges at Wendy, but Wendy grabs Cartman by the neck and started choking him, Kyle gasps in horror, but Everything despite Cartman had done, he watches in horror as Wendy strangles Cartman. There is one final thing that Wendy should never done........

"Say goodbye, fatass" said Wendy

There is one final thing that Wendy should never ever done........

She breaks Cartman’s neck, as Cartman’s lifeless body fall to the ground, everyone gasps in horror as Wendy just snapped and killed Éric Cartman. Eric Cartman is no more.

"I’m finished!"

Mr Mackey was in horror that Wendy finally snapped and kicked Cartman. While Wendy was in horror of what she’s done. She started to cry as shit began to rise and She will pay for what she done.

"Eh, somebod - somebody call the principal!" Mr Mackey yelled

Butters began cheering anyway "Yay!" But the kids confused at him.

"What?" said Butters.

The ambulance, police, teachers, principals and staff ran over while the kids turned that backs on Wendy and Cartman, telling her to get killed, kill herself and calling her names.

"Stan....I’m sorry..."

"Wendy....You killed her Cartman. I never ever want to see you again."

"STAN! PLEASE!!! I just vomited to me."

"No. I don't make me vomit. I'm leave."

Stan walks away in tears and anger

Butters smiled again that Wendy had end Cartman’s life.

"What are you looking at, Butters" Clyde said to Butters.

Craig began sobbing and snarled at Cartman and Wendy "I’ll make you regret the day you came to school, il will see your ass began arrested by the police and shit will Began in hell"

Jimmy said "Save it for the j-j-j-ju-jury Wendy, I hope your parents will be happy when you’re gone."

The class murmured "Treacherous bitch" "backstabbing cow" "burden to the school"

Wendy sat down at sobbed "What have I done" as Cartman’s body was found by the police of South Park.

Cartman tearfully said "What have I done" the police of South Park arrived

"Poor Cartman, he deserves it" said Clyde.

The Goth kids stated

"You are under arrest Wendy Testaburger!"

Meanwhile, at the principal’s office, Mr and Mrs Testaburger arrive.

"You see what Wendy has done" Principal Victoria asked

"You see, Wendy has murdered Cartman at school, fighting about breast cancer and then Wendy was killing him"


Wendy roared at them "I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mr Testaburger violently slapped Wendy. Hard. Wendy fall to the ground.

Principal Victoria said "You do not hit your daughter, Mr Testaburger. Why can’t it be Wendy who died instead of her grandmother"

Wendy ran out as tears started to spill from his eyes. Her parents felt angered and ashamed of what Wendy done, themselves and her.

Mr Mackey yelled out "Wendy, your parents is right. M’kay. You’re a disgrace to us."

Wendy opens the door in her house and saw two police officers in the doorway

"Wendy, I’ve been seeing the footage of you attacking Cartman when you were making fun of breast cancer." Police officer said.

"It’s not my fault. That fatass was the one that make fun of BREAST CANCER!" Snarled Wendy

"SHUT UP!!!! JUST. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU STOP MOANING. FOR TEN. FUCKING. SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!. The death of Eric Cartman was absolutely cause of it, Eric’s body was found on the playground, the kids were terrified to see the body and also, appear that apparently. Your parents will be upset and also. Mr Mackey stated that Eric’s body was at the hospital and I’ve reported his death to his mother so because of that Wendy, I’m gonna have to arrest you for your psychological attitude and your evil behaviour, you don’t

Eric Cartman was sentenced for verbal violence for attacking Wendy at school so Judge banishes Cartman

"Eric Cartman will be in the better place. Thanks to Wendy Testaburger, the death of Eric Cartman might be her fault and her neck is snapped and his neck has been broken. Because of that Wendy Testaburger, I’m gonna have to arrest you

The montage is the final scene which it never end up in the original, the principal held a memorial at the school P.E. a funeral was held for Cartman, which his mother, Liane Cartman, cries and roars very loudly yet everyone calms her down, Kyle went to Eric’s grave 10 months later and started sobbing because of his hatred, 19 months later, Wendy was in her room, she haven’t eaten or dink, the storm outside of South Park. At school, South Park elementary was not itself anymore, Cartman was saddened for the death of himself and Wendy.

Matt and Trey was realising what they had done, they were planning to kill off Cartman but the ending was changed so Cartman was revived. Season 12 was originally going to kill Cartman off of the series

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