Sonic 4 episode 3

The title screen.

I love Sonic the Hedgehog and we know most people hate the game Sonic the hedgehog 4 both episodes. I do as well and I never owned them really. Now one day I was at my hand me down game store like Heroic Goods and Games or something like that. I was looking for games for my Nintendo Switch or Wii until I saw this one game in paper that said Sonic 4 Episode 3. "They finally released this? Dear god I mean it's like for Wii so I guess I will get it" I said. I bought the game but I wish I never looked at it. It was my day off work so of course I could play this. I went upstairs and put the disk in. It didn't show an icon on my Wii but I pressed play anyway. I booted it up and the game started. The first thing was it didn't show the SEGA logo and didn't even say SEGA. The title screen showed Sonic lacking a nose and mouth, and he had black eyes, and Tails is grey, and he has black eyes and no nose on the title screen and the music was distorted. The game started off in of course Green Hill Zone. Debug Mode when will they stop making that zone. There were a lot of things changed however. The sky was black instead of blue. The grass was grey and the water was blood red. The music was cmpletely reversed. Sonic wasn't smiling and whenever I tried moving him he would not move at all instead he would stare at the player which was me. I was completely disturbed. I went on paying. Sonic finally moved and I was getting more into the zone itself. There were no badniks anywhere. The animals were dipped in blood and everything was out. I was so disturbed I tried destroying my Wii. Destroying it was a success but turning off the game wasn't. So I opened up the Wii and pulled the disk out. I turned around and I saw my Sonic plush on my bed with a knife. I drove away as fast as I can and I drove to the nearest dump. I put the disk in a pile of junk then drove off. I went to my friends house because I didn't feel like I was safe at home. My friend was the only one that believed me. So we contacted SEGA and here is how it went.

Me: I just played Sonic 4 Episode 3 and why would you make such a terrible game!?

SEGA: That wasn't supposed to release in public!

Me: How come I found in my hand me down game store!?

SEGA: Someone must hae stolen it and sold it to that store!

*hangs up*

Now I don't know what to do. SEGA just explained about the project but not why it was cancelled. I guess I will never know. I tried to forget everything but it always came back.

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