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A screenshot of the image.

The title card. Notice the face in this photo.

As I little kid, I was a REALLY HUGE fan of SpongeBob. I had all the episodes on VHS, all the merchandise my mom could afford, and some she couldn't, and some I didnt know she could afford, and some she didnt know she could afford. and I even had a SpongeBob room, the walls painted yellow with green holes where creepy people would watch me sleep. But after the SpongeBob Movie, the episodes they put out were absolutely amazing, it just was a good show to me forever and ever. I can go on watching the show forever and ever. Until my mom has to wash my spongebob underwear, I will keep wearing it no matter what you people say.

One night, I happened to wake up at around 1 AM and couldn't go back to sleep. Like i do everyday, so I decided to watch TV. Like I do everyday. I scrolled through the guide. Like I do everyday. and it said an episode of SpongeBob was coming on Nick at Nite. I found this strange, as SpongeBob usually doesn't air this late. I thought I would watch it, for old time's sake. Which I know is a lie, because I watched it yesterday. I settled in to watch the episode, and the time card showed "Rock Motto". I didn't remember this one. Which was a lie, because I watched it yesterday. It must be a new episode. But I swear, for one split second of that episode, I saw a face. Mine.

The episode began with a picture of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward acting silly in a group photo, which never happens. But something was very, odd about that photo. Where the trio's eyes should have been, there were only black holes. Staring into my soul. I found this very off, but I remembered that the new SpongeBob episodes were like my favorite, so I kept watching.

Spongebob, staring in the black sky. Notice the realistic Squidward in this photo.

The image.

The screen became staticy, but through that static, it showed Mr. Krabs giving plankton the secret formula. It then cut to black for a second, then showed SpongeBob staring off into a black sky with a giant, hyper realistic Squidward staring back at him. It then showed a still picture of Patrick with black eyes with a wooden plank hammered to his head, and a bubble on top of his head. And I didnt like that, because that was my bubble that has been missing for 20 years. And his stomach read:

"Haha bubble go pop"

Notice the knife?

He was talking in a very distorted voice, so much so that I could barely understand a word he was saying,not that i was really listening anyway, but if i was, i dont speak distorted anyway. But I could swear it was his "Spongeboob" quote from the episode "Lost Identity.” The screen went staticy again and showed SpongeBob with black dots for eyes. He appeared to be carrying a knife, and was missing one of his two hundred front teeth.

This next part was the worst: It was a beautiful picture of Plankton through very light static. He had this horrific face that was so detailed and and handsome that it made the hairs of my neck stand up.

The screen then zoomed out of SpongeBob's TV.

"Haha, that was scary, huh, Gary?" SpongeBob said to Gary, his pet snail. I felt relieved that it was all just a program that SpongeBob was watching. Then, there was a knock on the door of SpongeBob's pineapple home.

"Come in!" the yellow sponge chimed. The Patrick appeared, his pupils missing.

"Never gonna give you up" Patrick screamed, then disappeared. SpongeBob looked out his door, frightened. I too, would be frightened if someone said that to me.

Patrick, advancing toward Spongebob.

Patrick, holding a knife.

"Hey, a box!" It then cut to Spongebob next to the box. "Hey, Who's there?" Patrick's laughing can be heard in the background. Then Donald Trump jumped out of the box, running off into the sunset with elmo and Joe biden. Just then showed Patrick advancing toward SpongeBob. The screen then cut to black, though SpongeBob's horrified screams can still be heard. The next part was in Spongebob's perspective. His eyes open, and he sees Patrick with black holes for eyes, holding a naked barbie doll. It then said "Alternate Scene". However, that was just SpongeBob and Patrick jumping into the box with elmo, Donald Trump, and Joe biden, then it cut to the top view of the box and zoomed in inside the box. This part was also in Spongebob's perspective. His eyes open, and it showed a picture of the Krusty Krab behind a completely black sky.

"The dusty Krab," SpongeBob's voice proclaimed. SpongeBob's finger puppet appeared on top, He went inside the Krusty Krab. The camera looked as if it was a 1930's anime film. SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs all had enlarged features while the same handsome picture of Plankton was in the background.

Spongebob, in a dark room. Notice the realistic Patrick.

"Ah, that's better." But then, SpongeBob's Glove World flashlight went out. Patrick's laughing can be heard in the background and for a second, a disturbing Patrick with very realistic features can be seen.

"Hey. If I close my eyes, it doesn't seem too dark." Patrick then stood in front of the light and then said "What about now?" his was followed by hSpongebob im being eating live spiders. Spongebob then started to run.

Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward with their black eyes

A still frame of Squidward hanging Patrick.

Spongebob, staring at you with black eyes.

The next few scenes were very staticy. An extremely disturbing SpongeBob appeared through the static, with real features just as handsome as Plankton and Patrick's. It then showed a picture of SpongeBob with black eyes for a second, then Squidward choking on a fork while it zoomed in on a picture of a naked barbie doll. Then, a still of Squidward hanging Patrick from the ceiling, who had black holes for eyes, showed on screen.

It then showed an episode of 'Mom, I broke my ankles again!', but I was so scared by that time that I could barely even blink. Every time I did, it showed that handsome image of Plankton. It still haunts my memory to this day. And so does the rest of the episode. I tried to tell people, but they didn't believe me. I don't sleep that much. Every time I do, I wake up with the feeling of having cuts on my arms and a lobster beside me in bed. His name is Larry. That could explain the scratching. Please. Someone kill me. Please.

Btw if you're reading this and you made the creepypasta I am so sorry to ruin it. I just saw the comment and I feel bad now. You can change it back if you want. I just thought it would be funny to edit the story. And it DID say change the story if you feel it could be better. And I made it better. But you can still change it.


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