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Red Mist is the third tape Andrew Skinner made. He got some help from Phillip Stancheski.

The first scene is of Squidward ready to play the clarinet when he gets a knock on his door. He answers it and it is a Scottish fish. Squidward says he is not interested, and returns to clarinet. Before he can even play though, the knock sounds again. Squidward angrily goes to the door, and the Scottish fish now has red eyes. He says "The red mist is coming.", and disappears. The next scene is essentially the opening of Squidward's Suicide, but with different, poorer quality animation. The only difference besides the look of the animation is that Patrick is with Spongebob, and when yelled at, they both stare at Squidward. The scene reverts to Squidward, and Spongebob says ok, and Squidward returns to the clarinet. The red mist soon engulfs Squidward.

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Andrew Skinner in the Credits

The concert happens, but the red eyes are different. Patrick and the Scottish salesman is with Spongebob, and Squidward cannot be heard saying "No wait, wait!", although the animation shows him saying it. He walks home for nearly three boring minutes, and the screen goes red. His house has clouds around it, and he is sitting on the bed, as a wind sound gets louder and louder, just sitting there. After thirty seconds Squidward starts to sob.

The screen twists in on itself for a second, then goes back to normal. This happens again ten seconds later, and Squidward goes silent. Static pops up, and Squidward's face is zooming in towards the camera. He is crying some tears. Static happens again, and he is crying blood. Static again, now Squidward has the red eyes. The "DO IT" voice says it again. Static once more, and Squidward is no longer crying blood, and the voice sounds again. Static yet again, and Squidward is shown staring at the viewer with his red eyes and screams of children are in the background. The screen zooms out, and Squidward has a pistol in hand. Static, and Squidward puts the gun into his mouth and shoots. Blood makes the screen red. The red fades, and the same scene from Suicide Squidward of Squidward dead appears, although no shotgun this time, no gun at all on the ground. The salesman's voice says "The red mist is coming" again, and static appears, concluding the episode.

Red Mist (Andrew Skinner Tape)

Red Mist (Andrew Skinner Tape)


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