Last weekend, I was drawing a sketch of THX Toonsville United using paper over my computer monitor (my favorite scene with Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Violetchi) when a fullscreen installation program popped up.

In the upper left corner was "Reading Blaster Ages 0-0". What? Is that what Knowledge Adventure would call an age level? I decided to install it anyways.

The Game

I signed in, and it started with the intro. However, instead of Blaster playing with a soccer ball, he played with Mel, which probably appeared to damage him.

The rest was normal, but when Blaster crashed into a building, he got his head injured and fell at a high speed.

Again, the rest was normal. What was weird was that even though Blaster played with Mel, they built him...again.

When the intro ended, there was no post-intro cutscene. It just went straight to the main zone.

The Main Zone

It was just a plain red background with "ShOoT MeL" and "BlAsTeR FoR ThE IrOn mAiDeN".

I chose "ShOoT MeL".


There was poor Mel. He was taped to a wall with a gun pointed towards him. It asked me, "Click random letters." I clicked "A". The gun shot Mel. I did this 10 more times until he died.

I just cannot believe the game involved shooting him.

I went to "BlAsTeR FoR ThE IrOn mAiDeN".

BlAsTeR FoR ThE IrOn mAiDeN

Blaster was standing, looking sad in an iron maiden. The instructions were the same as ShOoT MeL.

Spikes were falling down. I hit random letters 16 times until the iron maiden shut on Blaster. Blood seeped out of it. I hit the space bar, and the mask fell down and caused more blood to fly out.

I decided to quit the game. I never played it again, and I uninstalled it.

The Aftermath

My desktop was changed to a picture of Mel and Blaster's dead bodies, with GC crying and mourning near them.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and remember to rate. Also, have a nice day.

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