It Was A Normal Day In My Town,

I Found A Strange DVD In My Shelf Called


It Was Written In Red Sharpie,

I Putted It In And Started Watching,

It Started With The Normal Intro

But There Was Static,

The Intro Ended With A Quick Note Of Advice,

The Warning Sign At The End Of The Intro.

"WARNING!: This Episode May Be Unsuitable For Others, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED..."

It Started Out At Cloudsdale With Rainbow Dash Looking Depressed,


She Went Up To Her Desk And Wrote A Note,

"Dear Diary, Today's Been Not What I Expected, Fluttershy Hates My Guts Because I Killed Her Mother On Purpose Without Looking... I Only Became Friends With Pinkie Pie Because Without Friends, She'll Be Lonely Forever... Applejack Was My Only Closest Friend I Ever Have, She Doesn't Even Call Me The 20% Cooler Rainbow,"

She Stopped Writing And Began To Cry Loudly,

It Wasn't Her Actual Cry,

It Sounded Realistic,

She Then Stopped Crying And Continued Writing,

"I Keep Getting Into Trouble In Rarity's Shop, She Kicked Me Out And Also Hates My Guts, Twilight Was The One Who Created Me, Me And My Little Sister Scootaloo Were Adopted By Our Parents When We Were Kids... I Can't Live Like This Anymore... Goodbye Cruel World..."

Rainbow Dash's Death Note

She Then Got Up And Grabbed A Noose And Stool,

She Wrapped The Noose Around Her Neck,

"I'm Sorry Everypony... I Must Die..." She Said Her Last Words,

She Then Sighed Sadly And Kicked The Stool,

She Was Dead,

Blood Was Coming Out Of Her Mouth,

Then The Time Card Said,

The static.

"5 Hours Later..."

"Rainbow Dash? Where The Hay Are You?" Said Applejack,

"Dashie!!! Where Are You?" Said Pinkie Pie,

Then They Saw The Horrors What Happened To Their Friend Rainbow Dash,

She Was Hanging,

Tears Were Coming Out Of Her Eyes,

"DASHIE!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Pinkie Pie Said As She Cried Of Her Loss Of Her Friend,

"R-Rainbow D-Dash, Why Did You Do This To Us... WHY!!?!??!" Shouted Applejack While She Was Fighting Back The Tears Out Of Her Eyes,

Pinkie Pie Was Crying Loudly,

I Covered My Ears Because Of Pinkie Pie's Sadness,

Then Pinkie Pie Stopped Crying,

"I Must Join Her..." Said Pinkie Pie As She Grabbed A Pistol,

She Then Pulled The Trigger And She Shot Herself,

"I-I Won't Forget Y-You Two... Pinkie Pie And... My 20% Cooler Rainbow..." Applejack Said As Tears Were Coming Out Her Eyes,

The Episode Ended With Static,

It Showed Applejack With Black Eyes And No Pupils,

Blood Was Coming Out Her Eyes,

There Was A Message But It Was In Japanese,



It Was In Blood Red,

I Grabbed The Hammer And Smashed My TV With It,

I Then Went To Bed,

I Still Have Nightmares About That Episode,

I Can Still Hear The Voice Of Rainbow Dash Saying

"rEaL sUfFeRiNg iS nOt kNoWn..."


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