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Do you remember a Nicktoons show titled Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty? It features a kitten/unicorn/butterfly/rainbow hybrid named Felicity and her three friends, a Rockstar chihuahua named Miguel, a smart owl named Athena, and a yeti named Yana. I thought this show was cute ever since I first saw it, it's kind of a shame it ended after 27 episodes...or so I thought.

Now, I am not 100% sure there is going to be a second season of this show. The reason I said that is because I've discovered there are actually 28 episodes. The 28th episode of this show was never seen by anyone. Why? You'll see why....

While I was out for a walk one day, I found a man at a yard sale in front of the street where I live. I searched around the yard sale until I found something. It was a CD titled "RBUK" in red marker with scratches on it. "How much is this?" I asked him. "It's free" he replied, so I took it, brought it home, and turned on my DVD player.

I was curious about the DVD, so I popped it in. As you can guess, it started with the Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty intro. Everything seemed normal until the end when it showed the title. First of all, the sun with the human face was red and his eyes were bloodshot. Secondly, the title was extremely different. The letters were black, the rainbow around them was inverted, and the storm cloud was replaced with a pentagram. Also, the rainbow that usually appears above the title didn't show up at all. When Felicity came up and waved at the screen, she didn't have her usual happy face on. She was trying to smile, but she had a deranged expression on her face.

The episode then began. It started with a view of Felicity's home. However, the title for the episode didn't show up, and neither did the credits. Also, the episode looked like it appeared in low quality, which is unusual for Nicktoons shows. The scene zoomed into the window showing Felicity watching TV. The episode stayed there on that shot. Felicity just sat there on where she usually sleeps, not moving or saying a word at all. As this kept going, a metal door shaking could suddenly be heard out of nowhere. Then another creepy sound happened. It sounded like a human howling in pain. I started shaking. All of a sudden, Felicity started to melt until her ribcage started showing.

The room got darker and the screams got louder and louder. The interior of Felicity's home caught on fire and eventually, the audio stopped. Felicity then suddenly jerked her head towards the screen. "They're all going to die...." she said. However, it wasn't Allegra Clark's voice. It was the voice of the man from the yard sale. Also, her face was completely twisted. Her fur was sticking up, her horn was more pointy, she was grinning from ear to ear, and her eyes were extremely wide. You can actually see the veins in her eyeballs.

The next scene showed Felicity in Athena's home, where Athena was reading a book. She asked Felicity what she was doing, but suddenly, Felicity grabbed Athena's glasses and ripped them off of her face. She smashed them on her head, causing them to shatter and bits of glass to impale into her head, making her bleed. She screamed, and then Felicity drove her claws into the back of her neck. She then proceeded to rip Athena's chest open and pull out her still-beating heart. She then smashed Athena on the floor repeatedly until all that was left of her was a quivering amorphous mass of blood, flesh, and feathers. Felicity then looked at the heart and it showed a close-up of it. It wasn't your normal cartoon heart, it was a real heart that looked photo-realistic.

I didn't have a bucket with me, so instead, I threw up on the floor. The next scene showed Felicity visiting Yana. She picked up a rock and threw it right into Yana's home (as it was a snowglobe). It hit Yana in the eye and made it bruise and bleed. It was so swollen, it looked like it was about to explode out of her head. As Yana clutched her bleeding eye, Felicity entered holding a baseball bat full of nails. "Felicity, what are you doing?!" Yana said, right before Felicity brought the weapon down on her head. She proceeded to do this until Yana dropped to the floor, dead. Yana's head was completely reduced to a bloody pile of brain and skull as blood leaked out from it onto the floor.

As I kept watching, Felicity went to visit Miguel. She was giving him a malt. "Oh, thanks Felicity" he said. "No problem" Felicity replied, now in her normal voice "What are friends for anyway?". After Miguel drank the malt, he started coughing, and then throwing up blood. He fell to the floor jolting around as if he was having a seizure. His mouth was foaming with blood leaking out of it, his face was turning purple, and his eyes were rolling back into his sockets. Eventually, Miguel stopped shaking as blood started to leak from his mouth, ears, nose, and eyes onto the floor. Felicity smiled as she revealed to the viewer that she had put cyanide pills in the malt.

The scene then cut back to Felicity's house, which was dirty and trashed. The bird that usually comes out of Felicity's clock to wake her up was dead, disemboweled with its eyes slit open. There was also a pentagram on the wall, which was the same one as in the title. It then showed Mythlandia, where it was nighttime. Everyone was dead, completely mutilated up to the point that you couldn't tell who was who from the show. It then went back to Felicity's home. Felicity was holding a knife and her face and horn were covered in blood.

"They're all dead...." she replied "All except me...."

The scene then began to flash with disturbing images and horrifying music was playing in the background, before suddenly showing the final shot of the episode that will haunt me forever.....

It was Felicity hanging from a tree. Her face was decomposed so much, you could see the skull underneath. There was blood dripping from her eyes and her jaw was hanging loose. Her horn was broken in half and nearly about to fall out of her head and her wings were both ripped to shreds. Her bloody insides were dangling out of her open stomach with flies all around them. "YOU ARE NEXT" was carved into her wrist. The episode ended there. There were no credits at all.

I couldn't sleep because of that episode. I ended up having nausea and suicidal thoughts. Luckily, I found a therapist to help me out. I spent 9 whole months in therapy in order to recover from this. I still think Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty is a cute show, and I'm still not sure if it'll get a second season or not, but one thing's for sure: I will never look at it the same way again.....