Geo the Creature was one of my all-time favorite characters. But something I watched haunted my dreams...

A few months ago, I was at a pawn shop to buy some Geo DVDs so I could relive my childhood. Then I came across a jewel case with a DVD disc inside of it, reading G:TAS-S1; EP14, 114.

Strange! The first five seasons ended in 13 episodes. I never knew there was a 14th episode from season 1 of Geo: The Animated Series. So I got home and inserted the disc into the DVD player.

The intro started perfectly fine, but when I got to the title card of the episode, it said "Post Apocalyptic Geo." I thought it was some kind of horrid joke. So I watched the episode. The episode started off like any other episodes. It showed Geo sleeping in his bedroom and the camera zooms into Geo's face. Then he heard Gree's voice, saying "Geo! Geo!"

Geo jolted out of bed, falling onto the cold hard stone ground and tangling in the bed covers and sheets. He looked up and found himself facing Gree, who held his laser blaster in his left hand and a lantern in the other.

Geo slowly backed up to the wall, keeping his shoulders aligned to the frame. Gree couldn't help but grin evilly, now he had the once-in-a-life-time chance to defeat Geo.

Now he could.

He aimed the lazor-blaster at Geo's scared face, keeping his cold, lifeless eyes locked on Geo's. Suddenly, there was a fuzzy noise in the background, and as Geo began to stand up and aim a fist at Gree, it was too late, Gree blasted Geo. Blood flew everywhere and Gree laughed to himself.

"Now that I have defeated Geo, I can now take over Basopolis! MUHAHAHA!"

The episode ends with Gree smiling as he crept out the room, clutching his laser blaster tight in case it came in handy again.

I took out the disc and threw it out the window.

I swear, I'll never watch Geo again.

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