Poptropica is a really fun multiplayer game and I have been playing ever since late 2009. However, my young cousin quit Poptropica (he was a member and completed every island) a few months back because it got boring to him. His mission was to see if there's a legal download for the old Poptropica. So I followed his requests.

The following night I googled "old poptropica free download", but no results helped me. I sat there for a minute, confused, and went to bed. Somewhere around midnight, I couldn't sleep so good so I woke up and went to YouTube to watch funny videos and Dr. Phil prank calls.

At 1 AM, someone left a message on my youTube channel. It was from a guy named j_nutter07.

"lOoK aT tHiS aWeSoMe GaMe i FoUnD LoL" (I'm not sending the download link. You might as well make the same mistake like I did)

I clicked the MediaFire link, and went to my desktop. I saw a .exe file called "Poptropica2" and double-clicked it, ready to play.

I saw the old homepage from Poptropica's 2007-08 years. However, it only had a "NEW PLAYER" button. I decided to make my avatar a boy.

What sent a chill up my spine is that my Poptropican was faceless and had realistic blood all over his clothes. Not to mention, he used tentacles as arms. I heard faint whispers as if someone was behind me, and heard a furious man yell, "I WILL RIP YOUR MOTHERFUCKING HEART OUT!!!" at the top of his lungs. It never failed to make my ear hurt bad.

I clicked the blimp, ready to travel some island quests. However, the only quests on the map were: Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, 24 Carrot, and Spy. I went to Spy Island, as it was my favorite quest to do.

Spy Island looked really different. Buildings were on fire and there were no signs of ambulances, police, or firefighters. My Poptropican started to make crying noises as he went by. NPCs were dead and they looked like zombies.

I saw a brutally mauled kitten on the road. She had one eye popped out of her socket and her body was starting to get infested by disgusting maggots. Ants and worms began to feast on her violently. Her skin was also dark green.

I went to the common room, The Hair Club, the only building that wasn't badly damaged. I saw Dr. Hare (which is actually Jordan Leary) right there. I decided to challenge him into Sky Dive, but he didn't say a single word for 30 seconds. Finally, he answered.

"The sights of hell brings its players back in."

My chest rapidly pounded like a hummingbeard. I tried to exit, but failed to do so.

"Hail Satan."

I finally exit the room. I went in the blimp and head off to Early Poptropica.

Early Poptropica played very creepy music in reverse and the town itself was deserted. I couldn't see the museum, Soda Pop Shop, the water tower, or Poptropicans. However, the Arcade was there, so I entered.

I saw another creator, Black Widow. I wanted to play Balloons with her. But, just like Dr. Hare, she said something extremely dark.

"I will get you in 2 years."

My Poptropican started to die slowly. He grew empty eye sockets and blood oozed out of them quickly. His tentacles were cut off brutally. His head exploded and brain pieces were flying. His stomach burst, too, and organs bust out.

My computer started to have a virus, so I had to restart it. After that was done, it was back to normal and the file was completely gone.

I shivered in fear and watched TV for a bit. I felt tired and head for bed.

The next morning I woke up at 9:35 AM, and I contacted Poptropica about this. They replied

"How did you find out that? Listen, we are deeply sorry. We didn't mean to crush your dreams at all. We would NEVER do something like that, EVER. That is an unofficial hack, and it is NOT a glitch. It doesn't belong to us at all.

We hope you didn't lose faith in us. We feel very sorry for you, so we wanted to surprise you with a gift...

Free membership for a month!

Just log in to your Poptropican, then, ta-da! There you go! Enjoy your 1-month membership, and have fun out there! With membership, you can have early access to brand new islands, unlimited access to the store, save up to 30 costumes in your closet, and much more.

Again, we didn't mean to spook you. We'll NEVER make something like that, because we are not creepy sickos. And that's a promise.


The Poptropica Team"

I started to feel a bit better, and I logged onto my account. They were right - they gifted me free membership! I thanked them, and gladly went back to playing Poptropica.

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