On the island of wikis, There was a floating head named Polygon Man. His job occasionally was turning PlayStation characters into polygon slaves. But he soon changed the way he lived when he met a girl named Riley Anderson from the film Inside Out.

This all happened when Polygon Man was watching some Drawn Together when his 3 children named Toro, Spike and Parappa came in the room. His wife Kat was in the shower getting ready to see a movie entitled The Lion King from 1994. While Polygon Man was watching TV, His iPhone started ringing. It was a direct call from Riley Anderson. He claimed that they'll be having dinner at Chunky Burger which was in Parappa's hometown.
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"Power is an illusion, Absolute power is a seamless illusion."

So then, Polygon Man went into the bathroom and told Kat that he had a date tonight and he would be hiring Nathan Drake to be Toro, Spike and Parappa's babysitter while he went out. Meanwhile, It was time for Parappa's karate class with Master Onion. It went well. Then they went back home and waited for the babysitter to arrive.

Just then, A knock was made on the door and it was Nathan. Polygon Man soon noticed that Kat was in the shower for over 3 hours. Before heading out, Polygon Man told her that she would be late to the movie if she did not stop showering. But Kat described it as a joke and continued showering.

Polygon Man headed out, Got in his car and drove off to the Chunky Burger where Riley was meeting him at. When he arrived, They talked to each other because their date didn't start till 10 minutes. When time came, They went on in. Polygon Man and Riley sat down at a table doing the waiter side of the fast food restaurant.

The waiter that would be taking their order would be Emmett Graves. He was a black man who had light blue eyes. Polygon Man asked the waiter if they could start off with a pink lemonade because Riley was too young to be drinking beer. She was only 11 years old who loved the floating head.

When they got their drink, Polygon Man ordered 2 cheeseburgers with fries and chicken nuggets, While Riley ordered a hamburger with chili cheese fries and 3 chicken tenders. While waiting for the food to arrive, Polygon Man got pissed by something in his head. He knew that his wife was at home and she could've taken care of Parappa, Toro and Spike while he was out.

Their food arrived. A few minutes into eating while having a conversation, They heard a giant footstep out of nowhere as the place started to shake. Riley Anderson went out to see what the commotion was about. When she got out there, There was a giant version of Vladimir Putin walking down the street and boy was he wide. His theme was even playing too.

Just then, Radec's Killzone team started firing at it as Putin tried to stomp on them but Polygon Man managed to climb up to his leg and bite it. Unfortunately, Putin landed on a mountain resulting in the rocks breaking but soon, Polygon Man turned into his ultimate form which was a purple version of Groot. He stopped the rocks from crushing the town and everyone cheered. Sadly, It ended up killing the Harvey Street Girls. Which got Polygon Man arrested for child murder for 3 hours. Good thing is, It was only until 7:30 at night.

Meanwhile, Polygon Man came home from the date and saw Nathan Drake, Toro, Spike and Parappa watching some Little Audrey on VHS. Nathan asked him how the date went and he told him that it went okay. He recognized that Kat was still in the shower throughout his date. But, When Polygon Man got up there, He saw what looked like Toot, Princess Clara, Foxy Love and Ling Ling in his bathroom. Toot was pissing in a urinal and the others were in the shower.

He yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU FOUR DOING IN MY GODDAMN HOUSE? PREPARE TO BE TURNED INTO POLYGON SLAVES!" And that's what he did. They all were kicked out after that and Polygon Man went looking for Kat. He found her sleeping in bed and it was some day for Polygon Man.

Maybe he should've delayed the day of his date but unfortunately, He wanted to get it overwith. Now strange things started happening but Polygon Man didn't want to talk about it.

The End


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