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Hello guys, my name is Cathy Thompson and today, i'm going to tell you a story of how i found an banned early test reel of Pocoyo, in 1998.

Do you know about Pocoyo? Well, it's a show about a little boy and his animal friends. It was, for some reason, there was a lost episode that was supposed to air, but was denied, due to having really dark themes. Only 100 people saw the episode.

I was one of those people.

It was May of 2018. I was watching Pocoyo on YouTube, when I saw this video in my recommended list. The name was...

Pocoyo (Lost Episode, Rare , 1998)

I was shocked. Pocoyo would never be responsible for lost episodes! Whatever, I guessed it was just click bait, and watched it. The video started with white text reading "You will get nightmares if you watch this!" Weird, right? Well, the text lasted for 5 seconds. The 2005 intro played, but everything was red-tinted. Some screaming played instead of the music. Something was wrong with the video. The name of the episode was: "Pocoyo's Big Rampage". WHAT?! Why would they name a episode like that?! 

It began with a clip of Pocoyo playing with a toy car, it kinda reminded me of the intro, while he's laughing heavily. Some static came in, lasting for 5 seconds. Pocoyo was still playing and laughing, but he's also crying blood. His eyes was gone, as the holes were dripping blood. Then, he stops playing. He looked at me and yelled, "YOU WILL SUFFER, AND WORSHIP ME!" It also looked like he had a enraged look on his face. The video became worse from there.

I was disgusted by this. I tried to pause the video, but Pocoyo said "YOU WILL GET NIGHTMARES, CATHY! (What the fuck he knows my fucking name???)" There are now corpses laying around the floor. The video was getting darker, and I hear a bloodcurdling scream, as it displayed a clip of Pato ripping his face off, it reminded me of that unlicensed Felix the Cat game for the Sega Genesis, and then it cuts to Nina sobbing at a rock. Her crying didn't showed cartoony, it sounded like her voice actress was crying, but in her usual voice.

Nina's eyes soon become realistic, by then, her mouth was completely snitched, and her hands and feet was completely bloody. Nina's crying became louder and more full of pain, her "eyes" became bigger, and her crying became more notable. Her crying went on and on for a minute, after that, she starts to cry blood. I saw that her mouth exploded, and all of her teeth was gone. Nina blankly starred at the wall, and in the next screen, she now has no facial features other that her eyes.

Nina then bangs her head on the wall, she continued to do this until her head bleeds, and her brain is visible through her forehead. Nina then falls, revealing that she died after banging her head, and her eyes were gone. It cuts to a clip of Pato hanging on a hook. There were corpses of Sleepy Bird, Baby Bird, and Caterpillar, with their bodies taken, along with their eyes, with notes on them. There was blood everywhere.

Pato's eyes are now realistic, the same as Nina. Then, he starts bleeding from his eyes, the place got darker. Pato then falls without his head; while his head was still hanging with blood dripping from the hole.

Then it cut to Elly's room, Elly she is crying. Her room is completely deserted, with her mirror having bloodstains all over it. After a cut of oddly red, it shows that Elly passed away by consuming a bottle of pills, and the camera zooms out a little bit. Her puke was all over the room, her mouth was dripping her puke, and there was a dagger in her back.

Then, Elly falls from her bed, covering the blankets in puke and blood, and a soft whisper said: "You are a sin to her.", as it cuts to black. I didn't want to see anymore, but I had to do it. I hear the same scream from before, as it shows a clip of Pato being hacked by a chainsaw, in which 2 brown arms were holding it. Pocoyo was the one hacking him. It stops, and shows Pocoyo's room, completely wrecked, and everything was gone except for the bed.

Then, Loula comes on the screen and howls, her eyes was gone, and she was bleeding from her eyes. After 20 seconds of howling, she instantly gets pulled by someone off screen, while a laughing sound is being played.

It cuts to Pocoyo. He was now wearing a black hoodie, he doesn't have his hat but his hair was just slick purple hair, his pants are now jeans, and his eyes were dripping black liquid as he was a emo, and he was holding a bloody dagger. It showed Loula's corpse, she had her front legs, eyes, tail, and ears missing, with a bloody saw inside Loula's body. Pocoyo grabs a rusty dagger, and starts stabbing Loula's body in a realistic fashion.

Then it cuts to a fire with the same corpses. Pocoyo runs into the screen laughing. Pocoyo stays on the screen for about a minute, as his laughing gets louder and louder. Then, he turns into the corpses as he screams "OH NO! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" before running into the fire crying. He then burns into ashes with blood, like he was a stuffed toy or something, too.

The final screens of this episode was all of the corpses, all of their body parts covered in organs and blood, and with bloody daggers in their backs. It pans over to Nina, who had her head smashed up. Then, the video ends... finally.

I later flagged the video for good and went to bed. I will never watch Pocoyo ever again because of this. I had nightmares from this, like Pocoyo waking me up, and later grabbed a dagger and stabbed me.

I later woke up of this. If you had already watched this episode, let me know!