My name is Gabriela, and One day, I was teaching my little sis how to play plants vs Zombies, it all looked normal, until I got to the loading screen...

let the horror begin!

It seemed like the quality was from a 2002 computer game accompanied by static, the title screen had a black sky instead of blue, the only plant there was Imitater, but there were remains of plants, which scared me, though my little sister kept asking me what the Grey potato (The imitater) was. I saw a Peashooter‘s Head, covered in nectar like blood, motionless, I saw sunflower’s petals and leaves laying there, but then I saw a Cooking Pot, similar to Crazy Dave’s pot hat. Though it has blood, the Main theme was replaced with the theme that plays in Fog Levels, but slower, deeper, and more disoriented, it was accompanied by soft, cute laughter, and morbid wailing In the background with unusual thumping noises, and the title was just Imitater, with blood stains on it.

the almanac

the almanac was rigged too, the theme was the same, but slowly got deeper, and more hellbound. My sister then got up, and ran, screaming, “MOMMY, GABBY MAKE ME PLAY SCARY GAMES!” I didn’t mean for it to happen, it worked fine last time I played it. I was confused. The almanac entires were FILLED with blood, gore, and dead plant remains, a Crazy Dave didn’t even show up, everyone‘s name were Imitater, and their bodies, except for Imitater’s. I heard laughing, screaming, and crying. All of the plants looked deformed and dead, with grey eyes, and unanimated bodies. There was more nectar-like blood, just like the one Peashooter had. Worse, Chomper was Hanged, cattail Lost both of her eyes, and her tail was ripped out, Cactus just face down on the floor, Fume Shroom had no face, Starfruit lost half of his body, And Wallnut, Tallnut, Watermelon Pult looked like they were smashed open with a hammer or an Axe, but they had no blood whatsoever, and Cob Cannon, Cob cannon had no eyes, the Cob was half eaten, the wheels were gone, and it seemed like half of Blover‘s body parts, and maggots were stuffed inside of him, Gold Magnet had half of his body left, and was conjoined with Magnet Shroom, with needles in their Eyes, and when we finally saw Crazy Dave, a knife was stuck in his chest, he was burnt, his Cooking Pot cap was gone, was impaled with glass. Sunflower was a bit blue, and she looked like she was choked to death or couldn’t breathe, Marigold had her mouth wide open, and was choked with knifes and coins that were shoved down her throat, Gatling Pea had Gut-like roots sticking out, and had a spoon shoved in his eye socket, Lilypad looked burned and torn apart, just like Crazy Dave, cherry bomb was only the stem, Hypno Shroom had two bullets to the eyes, and one to the head from a certain type of gun, Potato mine looked like mashed potatoes, Ice Pea was a puddle of water and plant blood, Spikeweed was extremely pale, but was also dead, and so was spikerock. Squash‘s whole body was explode. Sun shroom‘s remains were stuck inside of a shattered plantern, and coffee bean was a bit less scary, he was replaced with a cup of coffee that was drank, but mixed with blood. Gloom Shroom was sealed under rubble, hypno Shroom and puff Shroom had the words, “No escape“ carved on their faces. but Repeater, one of my favorite plants in the original PVZ was now a an poor withered plant that was forcefully pulled out the ground with lurking maggots and blood stains all over him. But imitater just menacingly stood there, looking at me, a big smile on his face, his eyes were booodshot and a light pin, and his pupils were firey and small has heck, and his Beret was covered with blood and nectar. his almanac entry just said “ .. -- .. - .- - . .-. / .. -- .. - .- - . .-. / .. -- .. - .- - . .-. / .. -- .. - .- - . .-.“, the rest were empty, I then went to the Zombies, the Only entry there was Imp, he was Shivering, crying, and he looked really terrified, he also had a scar on his eye. his entry said “PLEASE HELP ME.” I also heard some very soft sobbing, which came from the imp. Even though it was a zombie, I felt really bad, but then BAM! IT JUST DISAPPEARS, leaving no almanac entries for the zombies “What...the....hell?...” i asked myself in pure disbelief, “Why is imitater doing this? did i do anything wrong? is there a glitch? what’s wrong with this game!?”

the Game

the game was terrifying, the music was all gone, all the plant seeds were either useless or didn’t even load, and Imitater was already spawned, but this time, he was facing forward, and with black eyes, and a smile that look like it grew two inches, the front was was just Dirt, Plant guts, and A spoon, that was blood spattered, the house was deformed and burnt down, and I saw a little bit of Crazy Dave’s hand: it was a bit more pale, and with a bone sticking out of it, the neighborhood looked like a ghetto crossed with a ghost town. The sun was gone, and the sky was a crimson Red. Sunflower finally stopped loading, and I tried to put a sunflower down, but then...

my iPad just dies... I pressed the home button. And the scariest thing happens...

The scariest part

imitater just pops up on the screen, his eyes and a mouth wide open, nothing in them, his hands had new claws, bloodshowered, It let out a big, screech that sounded like this: Even more Plant and Zombie remains, including those from Crazy Dave were formed, the game was glitchy, and unsettling, he was frowning, and blood and thorns were gushing out of his body! Blood fumes out of his Eyes, and mouth as he screamed (NO HE IS NOT DYING) he then says: -.-- --- ..- / - .... .. -. -.- / - .... .. ... / .. ... / .- / -- --- - .... . .-. ..-. ..- -.-. -.- .. -. --. / --. .- -- . ..--.. -.-.-- In a disoriented and deep voice, amalgamated with static, with a reversed version of grasswalk

(You can translate it at


after 28 seconds of listening to Imitater’s vengeful wailing, the game then reset, I went back into the game, it was all normal, everything was set back to norma, no more creepy imitater, no dead plant, just the PVZ we all know and love.

i then got a text from the teams of EA and Popcap saying: “We are sorry for the accident, a certain person hacked into the controls, and spread a virus into all PVZ1 games from The US to Canada. It was called “Virus//:0.5-GutsAndAImitater-HD<Transfer(2)[2009]+”

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