This will be a halloween story.


I was at my local store, I was buying some games, music, books and even potato chips, and I found a DVD case, the case had Peppa and her friends dancing in a green background, it had the Peppa Pig logo in Portugese, I brought it for 5.00 dollars, I went home and popped the disc into my DVD Player, I grabbed one of my Lays I brought from the store, then I opened a can of Pepsi Light, then I got a Fun Dip, I turned on my TV and my DVD Player, the menu popped up, the background was a screenshot of Peppa's house, there was 4 options: ''Play All, Episodes, Settings and Extras'', I press the ''Episodes'' button, I was about to watch the episode ''Freddy Fox'', but then, it taken me to a episode called ''Swimming''

More to come!

Peppa suk dick

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