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WARNING: This Creepypasta contains themes like suicide, depression, self-harm and mutilation. Do NOT read this if you are sensitive to that kind of stuff.

I love Undertale.

Released since 2015, it has become a cult classic. The game introduced many belovable, wacky, cartoon characters, but my personal favorite character is Sans, the powerful, yet lazy skeleton. I found myself relatable to him, as me and him both loved to sleep. He also likes to make jokes, which, in my eyes, makes him seem more adorable, especially with his cute-sounding voice clip. My parents bought me a t-shirt containing Sans on the front that I wear. I have a plushie of him that I snuggle with every night. My life is perfect, with my parents spoiling me, but still making me a nice kid, unlike the stereotypical spoiled brats.

Anyway, I soon found out that the game was released for the Nintendo Switch and when I heard about it, I became happy. I went to the nearest Gamestop, and found Undertale for the Nintendo Switch. The cover was weird, showing the Real Knife on it, instead of the usual backdrop of New Home. I thought this was a special copy, though, and I went to buy it. But when the clerk saw it, he became nervous. “Um, you should put that away,” He said, confusing me. “Many people claimed it was haunted, but if you still want it, it’ll cost $6.66.” I became suspicious about the price. $6.66? I ignored the warning and bought the game, happy to play my favorite game.

What a big mistake that was.

I am a pro at the game, knowing how to spare everyone, so I decided to do the Pacifist Route. I, however, felt a sense of dread as I started the game and named myself “Chara”. It called it “The true name”, as usual, but this time, it was written in blood-red text, which was normal for Chara. So I assumed she wrote it herself, because, yes, I believe Chara and Frisk are female, and Chara's text is often blood-red.

Everything was normal after that, with me meeting Toriel, Sans and the other characters. However, Sans was the only one voiced, and instead of his usual cute voice, he sounded… depressed. I played the game on the Genocide Route before, which is where I learned of his depression. I shook it off, however, thinking that Sans’ voice acting might be new for the Switch’s version of Undertale. I was still confused, though. Why does his voice actor sound depressed? Also, whenever I would ask Sans if he was alright, he would say the same thing.

*i’m fine, kiddo… don’t worry about me.

He would also cry at a few points of the game, but most noticeable was when I met him up at MTT Resort. He said that he wanted to be alone for a while, and when I tried to comfort him, he cried more. Otherwise, everything was normal, except for that and Papyrus kissing me during the date(He doesn't do it in the real game, BTW) until I went to Judgement Hall. Usually, if you didn’t kill anyone, Sans would tell you what LOVE and EXP meant: Level Of ViolEnce and EXecution Points. This didn’t happen, and instead, it used the Genocide Route dialogue before you fight Sans. I knew I was gonna have to fight him, then. But I came prepared, as fighting him several times made him easy for me.

And that’s when things went downhill… fast.

He then fought me, but his attacks didn’t do damage. And when I reached for the FIGHT button, he began crying and told me not to hurt him. He did the same thing, oddly enough, for the ITEM and MERCY button, as well. Throughout the fight, I noticed that after every turn, Sans’ left sleeve would be rolled up more and more. When his sleeve was halfway up, about 6 turns into the fight, Sans apologized for the fight, before grabbing a knife, and what I saw next was the most shocking, disgusting and saddest thing ever.

Sans was cutting himself.

I could hear his cries of pain through the Joy-Con controllers, which was disturbing. How could Nintendo or Toby Fox allow this sick copy to be published? Blood was flowing from the scars, and it dripped on the ground. Sans’ crying sounded so realistic, like his actor was actually crying. The blood also ran down Sans’ cut arm at a fast rate, looking almost realistic. I wanted to puke, but I held it back. Blood waso dripping from Sans’ mouth and eyes, and with every cut, more would drip. Sans would then begin screaming in pain, as if his actor actually was being tortured.

The music had also changed. I was no longer hearing Megalovania, but I was instead hearing a woman screaming as stabbing sounds began playing. The screams kept sounding like they were fading. He then stabbed himself in the stomach, not crying anymore, but laughing as if he went insane. Sans then ripped out his stomach and intestines, with blood splattering all over. He then spoke to me, almost sounding like he was gonna cry, yet having a bit of insanity.

*you enjoying this, emily?

How did this pirated copy know my name?! I was then forced to watch Sans hurt himself more and more. After a while, he stopped, looking at his bloodstained body. He then began crying, asking the same thing to himself as he was crying into his hands.

*what have i done...?

After a while, he then opened his fingers, and looked at me. Sans then looked at me with tears and blood in his eyes and said that he was sorry. The fight continued, but Sans let me hit him, and he actually took my hits, opposed to him dodging them, and he had more scars on his body the longer the fight went on. I couldn’t control my character anymore, so I was forced to watch my cute player character cut through Sans over and over, with more and more blood flying with every hit.

After I dealt 8 hits, he coughed up blood, and started crying. However, the color of his tears were red, which meant he was crying blood. I actually began to cry, seeing Sans, my favorite character, my adorable, grinning, chubby skeleton, slowly die in front of me. His breathing, which I heard on the Joy-Con mics, was ragged, sometimes sounding like it was dying out, showing that I had ruptured his lungs when I slashed him. He then looked at me and said a single, disturbing line.

*...kid, please... kill me… i don’t want to suffer anymore… it’s not like anyone cares, anyway.

One of the two screenshots I have of this. It shows Sans, sweating in fear, begging me to kill him.

I decided to spare Sans, not wanting to inflict more harm on him. After the transition back to Judgement Hall, he seemed surprised I spared him, asking why I didn’t kill him. Two options came on the screen: “Because I love you” and “Because why not?”. I chose the former, and Sans said he loved me too. I then saw my character hug Sans. I smiled, thinking it was the sweetest interaction I had with Sans. The screen faded to black, and when it returned, Sans was gone. He teleported away. ”Maybe he went home,” I thought. I checked my inventory, and I found the key Sans would give you to his room. Of course, he went home.

I decided to take the short way to his house by talking to the Riverman. I believed he would say the same thing he usually said, but he didn’t. He said that something was wrong with Sans when he saw him, as the, and I quote, “normally happy chubbster” was crying and bleeding. Once I was back in Snowdin, I went to Sans' house and unlocked the door to his room, and the screen was black for 10 seconds, similar to when you first enter on a Pacifist run. And when the lights came back on, what I saw was even more disturbing than him cutting himself.

Sans was in his room, hanging from the ceiling by a noose.

I was horrified, sickened and speechless. I knew Sans was depressed, but I never knew he was suicidal. It was drawn very well, too, like with Sayori’s suicide from DDLC. Blood was on Sans’ arms, hands, chest and stomach. Tears and blood were flowing from his eyes, and there was some blood on the noose that was around Sans’ neck. His intestines were ripped out, dangling in front of him. His hoodie and tank top had blood on it, and it was ripped. A knife was on the ground, covered in blood. The other sleeve of Sans' hoodie was rolled up, also revealing more scars. Blood was dripping from the tips of his fingers. I threw up at the grotesque sight of Sans’ corpse. Next to him, there was a suicide note, although it wasn't covered in blood like the rest of the room, and I read it. What I read was horrifying and sad. Here is what the note said:

A recreation of the suicide note Sans wrote.

I can’t take it anymore. I am helpless. I am lost. I can’t deal with faking happiness forever. I don’t want to live like this. I want to be free from my depression. The only way out is suicide. It’s the only way I will be free. If anyone sees this, I am very sorry. I just can’t live with my sadness anymore, or live with the fact that I have been abused. I just can’t. I’m sorry.  Tell Frisk, Chara and Toriel that I love them. Goodbye, cruel world.

I went to go check on Sans’ hanging corpse, and it said one disturbing message, instead of my character being sad over Sans’ suicide.

The screenshot of Sans hanging himself. This is the other screenshot I have.

“Seeing Sans’ lifeless, hanging corpse fills you with DETERMINATION.”

I was horrified. Why did my character, who told Sans they loved him earlier, not care about his suicide? The game then froze, and an extremely loud buzzing was emitted. The screen went to black, and after 5 seconds, it turned to a horrific picture of Sans’ corpse, covered in blood, and intestines ripped out. Only one pupil remained, and the other eye had a knife sticking out of it. One of his arms was ripped off, with blood pooling around it. There was also text above that read this.

You have caused my suffering, but why? It doesn’t matter anymore. I am free.

I took the game card out and smashed it. I was horrified by what I had just witnessed. I called Toby Fox, and this was the message I got.

Dear Emily,

I am very sorry to hear that you found a hacked version of Undertale. Someone got their hands on an unused game cartridge and hacked it so Sans committed suicide. I will try to find the person responsible. Thank you for letting me know. I will try to make an announcement about the game cartridges, as they made more than one.

-Toby Fox

The phone hung up, and I was speechless. A hacker? They made several more of these copies? This wasn’t good.

A few days later after the incident, an AMBER alert was issued for my area. A young girl named Amelia, age 7, was abducted. She was wearing a green sweater with a yellow stripe on it, and she had brown hair and eyes, as well as wearing a brown skirt with legging and shoes. The other kid, Michael, 10 years old, was wearing a blue hoodie with a white tank-top underneath, with black shorts and pink slippers. He was bald, pale and had black eyes. That sounded like Sans and Chara. Later on, the kids were found in the Times Square, not far from my apartment in New York. Michael was killed by Amelia, with his stomach ripped open. Emily was also discovered to have killed her mom, dad and brother. Amelia said that her name was Chara when questioned by the police. She was sent to jail later on.

I decided to take a bath, which I usually do when I am nervous, and when I went to get the strawberry soap, I found my Sans plush, sitting on top of the faucet all of a sudden. I was a little mortified, and placed it outside the bathroom. I then put some music on, but it instead turned to the same woman from the game screaming loudly.

If you find an Undertale game with the Real Knife on the cover, destroy it immediately. Otherwise, you will become traumatized, like I did on that one fateful day...