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Object Madness!! - New Theme 2018-0

Object Madness!! - New Theme 2018-0

This Creepypasta is made by TheRobloxianGuy67

So Ok Object Madness An Show By Bryan .N this show have two episodes currently. It's own wiki was created by Karlie "RabbitRiceBall" Haydon

But I Noticed An Early Reel Episode of  Object Madness So I Watched The Video

So The Episode Started With the Intro There Were Static Everywhere and there's no sound at all 

and the actual episode started  in that episode I saw Pickaxe crying near the tree I was so heartbreaking but after that scene  pickaxe disappeared from the tree the next one I saw Latte and Cup near to them each other another static happen again and then after that I saw Cup and Latte dead with knife everything was blood everywhere

the next scene goes to E.D., Puffball and Puffbull  Ugggggggh another static happen again after that E.D, Puffball And Puffbull Was seen dead with pickaxe with big black eyes and has no mouth at all UGGGGGGH ANOTHER STATIC AGAIN! Then it cuts to scene Pickaxe killing Tennis Ball with a knife in his hand and ANOTHER STATIC I SAW Pickaxe Standing on a tree with a happy face and blood in I The episode ended with a static

so I never watch it

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