NOTE: This Creepypasta was based on "Pocoyo (1998)" Please Don't go "HuRr DuFf YoU CoPiEd PoCoYo 1998 PlIot"


Do you know about Numberblocks? Well, it's a show about colorful blocks who will go on great math adventures. It was, for some reason, supposed to air in 2009, but was scheduled back to 2017, due to content containing bloody content. Only 30 people viewed the YouTube Video.

I was one of those people.

It was May 1, 2020. I was watching Numberblocks on YouTube, when I saw this video in my recommended list. The title of video it was...

Numberblocks (Original 2009 Pilot, Extreme Rare Episode), or Numberblocks Season 1 Episode 0

I was shocked. Magic Lantern Productions would never be responsible for having a earliest numberblocks pilot in 2009! Whatever, I guessed it was just clickbait, april fools joke, and watched it. The video started with white text reading "They could get you if watching this!" Weird, right? Well, the text lasted for 5 seconds. an early 6 to 10 version of Numberblocks intro played, but something wrong. like everything was turned into Red. some screaming played instead of the music. Something was wrong with the video. The name of the episode was just: "Fury and Death". WHAT?! Why would they name an episode like that?! 

It began with of the start of Numberland but, so different. When the face appears. Some static came in, lasting for 5 seconds. the limbs have appeared, but the sky turned into red. His Plantlife was the blood-red color. Then, He looked at me and yelled, "WE WILL GOING TO GUT YOU!" It also looked like he had an enraged look on his face. The video became worse from there.

I was disgusted by this. I tried to pause the video, but One said: "I HOPE WE GOING TO GET A WORST NIGHTMARE VIEWER!!!". There are now dead corpses of beta and final characters and models laying around the floor. The video was getting darker, and I hear a bloodcurdling scream, as it displayed footage of Beta Two Collapsing Blocks, eyes, mouth. and then, Beta Two died. how could be done for that?!!

it appears that Beta One got turned into a demon and then kills all of the final version of Numberblocks characters, I was so scared. the Beta one still looking at me, the text appears to be an "I AM GOD" then Beta One screaming at me and I got that blue screen of death during the scream. when I restarted my computer, the desktop background was changed into a bloodied version of beta Numberland background with dead corpses of Beta and Final Characters and beta one's eyes are likely a "sonic.exe". the text appeared on top said "YOUR TURN VIEWER, CLICK ON THE FILE!!!", I saw a file called "nb.avi". the icon seems to have alleged beta one on it. when I clicked it, the text said: "my 2009 pilot extends far beyond yours.". it lasted for 5 seconds then it started to glitch and alleged beta one closeup with a knife. the text on top said "WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?" showed up for 15 seconds. after that, Beta One stabbed himself, and the said Beta block doesn't have blood, just acid instead. after that, I got another Blue Screen of Death Again just like when Beta One was Screaming. when I restarted the computer, everything was back but, nb.exe file still appears. and I checked an antivirus software, The antivirus software was Malwarebytes, when I downloaded it, we going to wait for installation. when I double-clicked Malwarebytes and then clicked the "Start Scan" button, we going to wait for 50 minutes or 80 minutes. 50 minutes later, we saw a file called "nb.avi", Malwarebytes is going to Permanently delete it and boom! never seen the file ever again. it was so success.


I had to do something with the YouTube Video. I watched the video titled "Numberblocks (2009)" on YouTube, it was viewed 30 times and uploaded in April 1, 2020. if you secretly found the 2009 pilot, report it. and whatever we going to remake or reupload, don't put it up on YouTube, Dailymotion, or any video-streaming website either.

Here's another thing to do, I go to Official Blue-Zoo Website and I contacted Blue-Zoo UK to tell what "horrifying 2009 pilot" he did, and she responded to me in 1 day later, here's what he wrote:

Dear ClubBBC TV, I'm sorry about the pilot of the education kids show, Numberblocks. they're never produced, then scrapped, due the dark themes, blood and gore and more. and also for that, you will be smart if you have antivirus program and delete the dark file named "nb.avi".

your's truly, from ClubBBC TV. Blue-Zoo UK.

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