Note: This can also be counted as Five's Revenge Part 3 due to some similarities between Five's Revenge and this pasta.

So, this takes place between Five's Revenge Part 2 and The End Of One.

3 AM it was. The same guy from The End Of One's pasta is watching BBC (he didn't even quit watching it!) and he encounters Numberblocks again. He does not think anything is going to happen. The episode Heist is aired, with the usual Sixteen saying "The museum of numbers, i love this place!" and it was all normal until...

First difference between this and the original Heist (including Ten's death)

When the robot sees the intruders he doesn't try to tickle them, he just goes straight at Seventeen,split into 10 and 7 and KILLS TEN. No blood but the robot just killed 10. It only shows a 5-second shot of dead Ten on the dark-by-night grass until a commercial break happens. The robot also has red eyes and looks angry. A screenshot of the angry robot is put on the next part.


The angry robot from Ten's death part

Post-Commercial Break 1 (Seventeen's revival)

When the commercial break happens the Numberblocks apparently didn't see the death of Ten, but later when the Numberblocks enter the building when 7 gets the code right, they notice Ten isn't coming and then they come back out and that exact same shot of dead Ten plays again but this time for about 12 seconds. They are scared anyway but just use 10 to get 17 as usual in the normal Heist. After this there is a 2nd commercial break yet more brief.

Post-Commercial Break 2

So, this is Part 2 of the creepypasta by being worked on. The episode after they go into the building is also normal until it shows 17 getting tickled in the original Heist. Instead, it shows 17 with completely black eyes and blood coming from the doors. This is the first time blood appears in the episode, but this is not the worst of the episode though. This time 18 completely FORGETS to fly above the line, steps on it, and then gets himself killed. Blood also appears here. A comparison between the two scenes with 17 panting, one from the original, the other from this, appears below


Comparison of the two Seventeen panting scenes in the different versions of Heist, image 1 (original)

  • Eighteen mis-gender fixed

image 2 (Banned prototype)


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