Back In April 2019, THAT FIVE'S REVENGE TRAUMATIZED MY CHILDHOOD! But, I Made Part 2! So, Enjoy!

I Had One Of The Worst Days Ever In My Life, Because Of This Unseen Episode! Cbeebies Had A Plan To No Longer Air This Episode Due Its Violent And Terrifying Content! I Went To The Bathroom Because My Bladder Is Full, BUT I WAS SO SHOCKED WHEN I SAW THE BATHROOM! It Was Covered In Blood And There Are

Mutilated Bodies Of Numberblock 1, 2, And 3! When I Saw Numberblock 2's Body, I WAS SO SCARED! His Glasses Were Shattered, His Blocks Were Covered In Gore, And His Shoes Are Broken Revealing To Have Socks With White Turning To Red! 5 Was Sitting In A Bloody Chair, But Her Eyes Were More Gruesome!

Her Eyes Are Replaced With Black Eyes With Red Pupil, And Her Star Eye Is Turning Red! 5 Said In A Horrifying Voice!

5: "You've Found Me At Once, Little Kid!"


5: "I Killed Them!"

And 5 Killed Herself! I Saw A Numberblocks DVD Coming Out Of Her Star Eye! I Put It To The VCR!

It Was A Closeup Of Numberblock 4, But His Eyes Were Bleeding And Souless! It Stayed Like That For 50 Seconds, Until Cutting To Static! I WAS MORE TRAUMATIZED!

To Be Continued...

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