Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

Hey again, it's me Denver Burns. Today I have another story about Mr. Red, it only happened a few days ago. I told my friend's about the lost Mr. Red episode after 16 years, They were shocked about it. But before I tell you about the story, I should describe my friends so you can get a picture of what happened. We used to be a group of six good people, and those people were Dylan, Greg, Barry, Michael, Mary, and me.

Dylan was the brains of the group, he wore glasses, a striped shirt and blue jeans. Mary was the only female in the group, she wore a flannel shirt and wore black sweatpants. Michael was the "tough guy" of the group, he wore a camo vest, a black tank top and grey jeans. Greg was the coward of the group. I remember once in 3rd grade we mistakenly broke a piece of gym equipment, he ran to the other side of the gym and tried to act natural, he wore a black t-shirt and wore khakis. Barry was our leader, he guided us to places and always stayed with us when we all went somewhere together, he wore a Brown vest and Black jeans. I hope you got a picture of what everyone looks like, now onto the story.

I was at Greg's house hanging out with the others, we were all talking about scary things we saw when we were younger. It was my turn, I started to tell them about the lost Mr. Red episode I watched when I was younger. After I finished they all looked shocked, they watched Mr. Red when they were younger so they know the show I was talking about. They all said that they don't remember owning a tape like that, and asked if I was dreaming when it happened. I said no, and luckily, they believed me. Barry said "I think the Mr. Red studio where they filmed is only a few miles away.", Mary said "Are we sure we should go there, it could be dangerous." I said "Yeah, When I gave the tape to the parents, they gave it to the cops.

The cops went to the studio and caught Mr. Red, but he escaped a few days later. So there is a chance Mr. Red went back to the studio to hide.". Greg said "Well, if a insane man is still there, I don't really think we should go." Dylan said "Don't be such a wuss, Mr. Red is probably in his 40's now.". Barry got up and said "Looks like we are goin' to an abandoned show studio!" we all put on our shoes, Grabbed flashlights, and got into Barry's car.

We arrived at the abandoned studio, it was covered in moss and the paint on the cement looked like it was peeling off. There was large text on the building that said "MR. RED STUDIO, WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE". The paint on Mr. Reds face was a lighter red, but a lot of it was peeled off. Barry said "Oh, this place is eerie.", I replied "Well, what do you expect from a studio that has been abandoned for 16 years?". Dylan opened the door as dust hit his eyes, he said "Ow! Holy crap!", He wiped his eyes. We all walked into the studio, It had equipment everywhere.

Barry picked up a broken Mr. Red branded camera and said "Woah, I thought this place would have been picked clean for collectors items.", Greg said "Alright, can we leave now?", Dylan said "Hell no! This place looks real cool!". Dylan started to walk away, I ran to him and said "We shouldn't split up, man. We just entered and we don't know what could be in here.", we continued walking and ran into a few doors in a hallway.

the first door led to the break room, the second one led to the maintenance room, the third one led to the bathroom, and the last door led to the set. I told everyone to check one room in groups of two, Me and Michael were going to go into the maintenance room, Mary and Greg were going into the break room, and Barry with Dylan for the bathroom. I opened the door to the maintenance room, it had some tools in It, nothing much, except a note.

The note read "Please help, Mr. Red has gone insane. He forced us to record a tape of him killing all his friends, and gave it to one fan. He's coming for us now, I'm hiding in the maintenance room, I got a wrench to defend myself. I hope the cops will get here soon." I was shocked. I showed the letter to Michael, he said "Oh, that is odd. I guess you were right about the "everyone on set died" thing.". We all then heard Mary scream, Michael grabbed a hammer and ran out the door. I said "Hey, wait for me!" as I followed him.

Mary was shocked to find multiple skeletons on the ground, with dried blood on them. Greg was already sick of it, he said "Alright, I'm leaving. Before we end up like these bodies!" he said as he pointed at the skeletons. Barry said "Wait, Greg-" Greg walked out the room, he got close to the door as a Black mass flew by and grabbed him, Greg was nowhere to be found.

Mary screamed, then it clicked. It was the black mass creature from so long ago, it's still here, and it won't let us leave. Barry said "Run!" as he went through the hall and to the set. Michael looked around, then noticing the set, he told us all to hide somewhere, and stay in groups of two, three for whoever was bringing Dylan along. Me, Dylan and Barry went to the forest set while Mary and Barry went to the breakfast set.

We all hid behind individual trees, then I heard talking, the voice was familiar, it said "Oh my, new visitors? Let's give them a show!" I couldn't recognize the voice, but I didn't trust it one bit. I looked to my right and almost screamed, it was a skeleton in a blue outfit, it was Mr. Blue. Dried blood with small slits in the stained area, this was where he died in the old episode. I took the mask off, the skull hit the ground, I looked at the mask, it was Mr. Blues mask, it looks like he bled out

Dylan looked at me and said "What are you look-" before footsteps interrupted us. We all stopped moving and stayed silent. I saw him, it was Mr. Red, god it was horrible to see him in this state, even though he murdered many. He then said "Hello?" Michael picked up a plastic rock, and threw it over Mr. Red's head. He turned and charged over to it.

We all dashed over to the breakfast set, we met up with Mary and Barry. Dylan took one breath and gagged, he then said "What the hell is that smell?" Barry replied "The pancakes on the table." We all turned to the table. There were pancakes, covered in mold with flies feasting on it. Michael said "Oh, that's revolting!" I said "Well, this isn't bonding time, Michael just got Mr. Red off us for a while, we're running out of time." Mary was about to speak, but then someone knocked on the door. We all stood still, as Mr. Red said "Anyone inside? I have a surprise!" We all tried to sneak away, but one of the floor boards creaked.

We all turned around and started running at full speed. Mr. Red burst through the door and began chasing us. We went through the backdoor of the set and went to the Mr. Blue's castle set, Daryl shut the door and put his body against it, blocking the door. Barry began praying, Daryl said "WHAT DO WE DO!?" Barry replied "I don't know, we'll have to find a way out." the noise of someone running was heard outside. Barry said "JUST RUN!" so we all followed Barry. Before getting away, the door swung open, tripping Daryl. I looked back in shock but looked back ahead, Like what Barry said, I had to run.

Daryl's screaming was heard, we all found a costume room and bunkered in. Then we all just turned silent. You could hear nothing in the room if you were there. After the silence, we all slowly got up and opened the door. Blood smeared out the castle door. It was most likely from Mr. Red dragging Daryl away. Mary said "He's long gone." Barry replied "God.... we need to find a way out."

We all aimlessly snuck around the set trying to find the way out. We walked into a home that looked like Mr. Red's home from the show, but I was pretty desperate to leave the place. We looked around, then we decided to go to the basement.

What we saw was horrifying. Mostly satanic signs and items for rituals, and a few empty plates sat on the floor. We heard a load scream in pain, We all turned to where it came from, behind the staircase. Barry said "That could be Dylan!" Michael nodded and we all proceeded to go behind the staircase.

We made it there, we found an old, skinny man, he was chained to the wall, and one of his hands were missing. He slowly turned up to us. "No, please, leave me be..." He said. the voice was familiar, then it clicked. It was the voice actor for Reggie the rat. Mary exclaimed "Oh my god!" As I crouched down to speak with him. "We aren't here to hurt you, sir." The voice actor replied "Please get me out of these chains... He forced me to eat people... PEOPLE!" Michael shushed him. "Don't let that red guy hear you." Barry turned to the right. "Jesus Christ." He exclaimed, he pointed at the wall. We all looked to the wall, except for Reggie's voice actor.

There were a two skeletons, the shirts were cut open, as I said "Are those-" I was cut off by Reggie's voice actor. "Yes, they're the other puppet voice actors. Hamilton and Johnathan. Mr. Red made me eat them, that's how I've been alive for this long.." Mary almost vomited, she said "Holy crap!" as Michael grabbed a cinderblock. He said "Let me help." as he slammed the cinderblock onto the chain. "Thank god! Thank you so much..." He slowly got up, and he said "My name is Ben, I heard you all screaming up there, I thought you all died."

Michael said "Yeah, some of our friends died..." he shook his head in disbelief. Ben replied "Just please help me get out of here, I don't want to be in here anymore." I replied "Yeah, let's go." We all went out the set, luckily, Mr. Red wasn't there. We all began walking around the set, staying as silent as we can. Ben said "Follow me, I need to show you something" So we all followed.

We walked into a room labeled "arts and crafts" and Ben grabbed a box. "Take them" he said as he held out a box of sharp scissors. We all took one except for Mary "I can't do this." She exclaimed "This is a life or death situation Mary, you sure?" Michael said. "Nope, I'm sure." Mary nodded. Ben put the box away and we all walked out.

We heard a roar in the distance, it was the black mass creature again. "If that thing sees us, we're screwed." Barry said. We snuck back to the breakfast set. Michael was looting the drawers for knives, and he found a big butcher knife. "Heh, snagged one." he said, I took it as I said "I'll take that." I placed my scissors on the ground slowly.

Mary looked down at something, we heard a "squeak!" as Mary screamed. We all turned to her as Barry covered her mouth, it was a rat. The thing bit her. Ben said "Crap, crap, crap, CRAP!" Mr. Red opened the door again, but he looked at ben, and yelled "YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO LEAVE!" as Mr. Red dashed at ben. I tried to push him away from Mr. Red's attack, but Michael just pulled me away.

Ben avoided his attack and stabbed Mr. Red in the shoulder. "JUST RUN!" he yelled at us. One of my childhood hero's are about to sacrifice their life for me and my friends. I backed up and began running. Ben pushed Mr. Red out the door and lunged at him, but before he could get him, that black mass thing came up from over the wall. Barry yelled "BEN, WATCH OUT!" as Ben turned to him and nodded.

The black mass creature's hand got bigger, and it crushed Ben into pieces. I teared up, that was the last straw. I threw my scissors at Mr. Red and I hit him in the knee. He fell to the floor before throwing his knife to me. Barry pushed me out the way, knocking me to the ground. The knife went into his chest.

Barry yelled in pain, and he fell back. I got up as Michael caught him, Michael began dragging Barry as Me and Mary began running. Michael threw his hammer at the black mass creature, and it slowed it down for a few seconds. Mr. Red was limping towards us as we made it into the hallway. Mary yelled "Were almost at the exit!" Michael replied "I hope it's alot closer, he's losing blood!" as Barry gasped for air, he was barely alive.

Mary made it to the door and ran out the set. I helped Michael pull Barry outside, The black mass creature was getting closer. I could barely stand up, the thing was so horrifying. We both mistakenly fell out the door, landing on the hard cement. We pulled Barry over to our car, as the creature tried to leave the set. It put it's arm out the exit, and it made a sizzle noise as the creature yelled in agony. It pulled it's arm out the exit and the door slammed shut.

Mary took out her phone and called 911. She talked to the operator to send an ambulance and about what just happened and where we were. Barry tugged my leg, I turned to him. He said "I'm sorry I never told you this Denver, but my father worked for this exact studio. I only came here to get something to remember him, I'm sorry this went out of control. Please forgive me Denver, I don't think I'm gonna make it." I wanted to reply, but I couldn't, I was so shocked about all that happened. I just nodded my head.

A few hours later, an ambulance arrived. Sadly, it was too late. Barry laid there, in a pool of his own blood, he was sitting against the car. He was a lifeless corpse, he looked so dead in his eyes. Michael told the cops about what happened, and they walked in. Only a few minutes later, we heard screaming and roaring. Mary shut the exit door just in case. Michael grabbed a sturdy twig and used it to block the door.

They put Barry into the ambulance and sped off. We got into our car as we drove off, with 3 of our friends missing, to never be seen again.

I've been seeing missing posters of Greg and Dylan, their bodies were never found, but Me, Mary, and Michael know that they are dead. I don't know if Mr. Red is still alive, but my best guess is that he is. I heard no gunshots, and the roaring was from the creature. But there is one thing I now know. Mr. Red is still out there, and just waiting for another victim to end up like Ben. Forced to resort to eating your own friends.