Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

What it might have looked like

I love Making Fiends... Or at least I used to. I'll start from the beginning. One day in August of 2011, I was searching for some stuff on eBay. When I came across a DVD of Making Fiends. I ordered it and I found that it was a bootleg. I didn't give a damn. And then I popped it into my DVD player and there was only one episode. It was called: "Betrayal". I was super excited because I hadn't heard of it. And the episode's plot was: "Vendetta's new fiend turns on her". "A little vague" I said. But I started watching anyway.

The Episode

The episode started usual intro and the looking usual title card. The episode started like a usual episode. Vendetta wanted to destroy Charlotte. The usual stuff happens. Charlotte is annoying and Vendetta makes a fiend. When the fiend was created, he turned around. And he had a creepy smile from ear to ear. And there was no hyperrealistic blood on his teeth. He had claws that looked like Freddy Krueger's fingers. And he had eyes that looks like they're melting, kinda like Chara from Undertale. Then this part is the part that I will never forget. The fiend immediately murdered Vendetta. It was insanely gruesome. Vendetta's eyeballs was on the ground. The fiend then crushed them into gelatin. Then we get a "1 week later" transition card. And the whole world was ruled by this creature. And he said: "YOU'RE NEXT!" in a distorted voice.


I then shredded the DVD. Never to be seen by anyone. If you come across this monstrosity, please upload it to LiveLeak.