Oswald The Lucky Rabbit is a cartoon character who was later replaced by Mickey Mouse in the 1930s. I've watched all the shorts, and when I say all the shorts, I mean ALL the shorts, even this one lost episode.

Let me tell you about it.

The short was originally found on a torrent site under the title "Oswald.avi" The first thing to show up was the title card shown at the beginning of every Oswald short.  

The episode began with Oswald and Ortensia having an argument. Ortensia then left and was taking the kids with her. She kissed Pete and went away with him and the kids. Oswald was very sad. Oswald walked away and went to his house. Oswald was very depressed,Oswald began to cry. But not the real crying. This crying was so realistic that it sounded like it was right next to me.

A time card appears that says,"THE NEXT DAY". Oswald is seen waking up and was very depressed. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen and carved a Russian message into the wall. It looked like the message from Suicide Mouse. In fact,It was! Then Oswald Takes the knife and cuts off his arm,then he picks up the knife with his other arm and then stabs himself. Oswald Falls to the ground. Oswald says that he hated this world and suddenly dies. We see Ortensia opening Oswald's bedroom door. Ortensia fell to her knees and cried, she cried and cried. The episode ended.

I refreshed the browser and looked up the torrent site again but there was nothing, I searched it up again, NOTHING. I even shut down my computer and opened it again, STILL nothing. The screenshot I took of the episode was also gone as well. (The screenshot was of Oswald carving the message into the wall).

I STILL can't find the short, and when I ask, people are telling me it's not real, but I call it like I see it...