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NOTE: Do not remove any plot points! That means the crossover character can stay! NOTE 2: This was made before the no crossovers rule was added. NOTE 3: What you are about to read,

So... My favorite childhood show was Pocoyo, and I still love it to this day. Anyways, it has been 4 year since I had that dream in which I saw a test reel of Pocoyo. But, there was a lost episode of the show that was also a crossover and a film...

It was called "K I L L E R, or; Killer Pocoyo" It was made by Underground Short Films, who made Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown. It was rumored that it was showed at a film festival in UK, and was never seen again, possibly due to copyright from Zinkia, the company that made Pocoyo.

The rumor started in mid-April 2020. It was said to have scarred all of the viewers for life, with all of them killing themselves to stop thinking about the episode. I wanted to know if it was real, so I looked it up on Google. A file called "KillerPocoyoFullMovie.avi" on Mediafire came up on the 4th page. Without thinking twice, I downloaded it, went to the video, and opened it on Windows Media Player.

It started with a message reading "The movie you're about to see will scare out of you for life!" in a font called Intro Rust. I laughed because the message was so funny. The text faded out, and the words "KILLER POCOYO OR K-I-L-L-E-R" faded in, with the same font as the message, and on a white background. The video quality made it look like a 80's film. After that, the film started with Pocoyo playing with building blocks, which was normal. The blocks looked different, though.

Suddenly, the blocks fell over. Pocoyo was shaking around for a bit, then his eyes went from black to white. He ran away, then Baby Spider fell out of the sky randomly. He said "Hello!", to which Pocoyo replied with "Out of my way!".

It got worse from there. Pocoyo stepped on Baby Spider, causing hyper-realistic blood to splatter around. My jaw dropped. I thought it was too gory for a kid's show. The rest of the film was unbearable. But I watched it, since I was way too curious.

A montage of Pocoyo killing people happened. Afterwards, the Whale was harpooned, after that, Fred walked in, and asked "What's going on?", to which Pocoyo replied with "GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!".

Then, Fred was cut in half. Meanwhile, Caterpillar and Baby Bird was on a walk. They walked into a nuke testing site. Baby Bird asked "Do you think something's wrong?", which surprised me, because Baby Bird never spoken. His voice sounded like Bart Simpson.

A mushroom cloud came out of nowhere, then, hyper-realistic blood covered the screen. I think the duo died. Then, Pocoyo killed Sleepy Bird by drowning her in a river. Pato, Elly, Loula, Nina and Roberto came into the scene. Pato said "We're here to help you" instead of his normal quacking. He sounded like Brian from Family Guy.

Pocoyo didn't say anything. He just sawed Roberto into pieces. He then got a rifle and shot Loula, which reminded me of that one scene from asdfmovie9.

Loula gets shot by Pocoyo similar to asdfmovie9

This scene where Pocoyo shoots Loula.

Pato, Elly and Nina screamed in horror. Their screams sounded real, as if their voice acters was dying. They ran away, so Pocoyo has to follow them. On his way, he found the Simpsons' house, and went inside. Then, I heard more screams. Then, it showed Homer crying over the fact his family was killed off-scene by Pocoyo. Pocoyo then shot Homer in the head.

Pocoyo then killed the Family Guy cast. He then saw SpongeBob. Both of them stared at each other for 10 seconds, before SpongeBob was eaten alive, but he was a sponge, not cheese. Pocoyo did the same thing to Patrick, Sandy and even Squidward. He then wiped the hyper-realistic blood off his face.

A image flashed in for 5 seconds, it was Finn and Jake, dead with obvious knife wounds, bleeding hyper-realistic blood on a black background. Back to the film, Pingu and Pinga was being stabbed by Pocoyo. His eyes was now blood-red.

Garfield, Odie and the Annoying orange gets killed, hunged, and sliced in half by Pocoyo.

A third scene where Garfield, Odie and the Annoying Orange gets killed by Pocoyo.

Another image flashed in for 4 seconds. This time, it was Mordecai and Rigby, dead on the same black background. Other that being covered in hyper-realistic blood, and having pitch-black eyes, I couldn't find anything else. Back to the film, the Annoying Orange was being sliced by Pocoyo. In the background was the corpses of Garfield and Odie.

Charlie Brown gets his head beheaded by Pocoyo.

Another scene where Matti's favorite character in the universe is beheaded. (credits to gummi mario 64 for the Roy.EXE face.

Even the Peanuts cast wasn't safe from Pocoyo's massacre. Charlie Brown was beheaded, and Snoopy's neck was snapped. Pocoyo then set the whole place on fire. Hyper-realistic blood came out of the fire, and I could hear Linus screaming. Matti came on the screen, enraged. "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FRIEND, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!" he yelled with rage. Then Pocoyo smashed him real hard, vomiting his heart. Pocoyo killed VittorioTheVyonder2003 and Aztecgeek9000 as well.

Then Pocoyo walked to Zero Two. "POCOYO HATE ZERO TWO!" he said. Then Pocoyo snaps her fucking neck like a twig as she bleeds.

big floppa before his death

After Zero Two fucking dies, Pocoyo walks to the Shuba Duck while he's dancing. Pocoyo ducknaps him and cooks Shuba Duck. Pocoyo also kills Big Floppa while he's in the bath and makes him drown in the water. He also eats Big Floppa's head.

The scene cuts to the Gummy Bear song but half way, Pocoyo kills Gummy Bear and Pocoyo changes the lyrics to explicit things containing drugs, cursing, smoking, and porn.

Pocoyo then goes to the town hall from Animal Crossing. "Hello. What do you need?" Isabelle asked. Pocoyo ignored and kicked Isabelle in the fucking nuts. She scram and Pocoyo cut off her head with a knife. Pocoyo then killed Tom Nook. "YOUR MONEY IS MINE!" Pocoyo yelled at Tom Nook while Tom Nook was screaming. Pocoyo then killed Timmy and Tommy and ate their skin. Pocoyo went for Ankha and killed her while she was dancing to Camel by Camel. Pocoyo then nukes the entire fucking village.

Pocoyo went into BFB while they were doing a contest, and he killed all the contestants with a AK-47. He also killed Four, X, and the announcer.

Pocoyo then killed characters from other kids shows, like Gaspard and Lisa, Super Why, and Doki. After 20 minutes of this, Pocoyo found Pato, Elly and Nina. Pato begged for mercy, but Pocoyo said "There's no mercy.". He then skinned Pato, and looked at Elly. She said "Why, Pocoyo, why?". She sounded like Lucy from Peanuts.

Pocoyo grabbed a chainsaw out of nowhere, and cut Elly open. Her organs was exposed. After Elly died, Nina was texting someone on a phone. She typed in "Pearl help me, Pocoyo will kill me, I won't be around much longer,". It cut to black before she could finish typing. She screamed. It then showed the phone, covered in hyper-realistic blood. Pocoyo was heard laughing. A green message faded in, reading "あなたは地獄に行くつもりです。 ポコヨはあなたの睡眠中にあなたを殺します。". It meant "You are going to hell. Pocoyo will kill you in your sleep." in Japanese. I was shocked, since I can understand Japanese.

It faded to black. A "FIN" card was showed, and the film ended. But after 10 seconds, a screamer happened on my face!

The jumpscare at the end of the Danmed movie.

It was Trollge staring at me and he looked really creepy. He has creepy looking Bob eyes and the audio was the scream from Slendytubbies. The video ends with just a black screen for about 10 seconds. It was 46 minutes long, by the way.

I couldn't believe what i just saw. I saw Trollge in Pocoyo in whom isn't in Pocoyo. So I went to the bathroom to vomit from what I saw. I then deleted the file from my computer, and emptied the recycle bin. Then, my computer got the infamous BSoD. It went red after 3 seconds, and it only said "DIE *****" in Intro Rust. A deep voice then said "KILLER POCOYO IS FOLLOWING YOU!".

I then woke up. It was a dream, just like last time. The rumors was false. I lived a normal life, the end.

Narrated to you by: Cathy