I was a big fan of movies by Pixar Animation Studios ever since I was about 5 years old. (Well, except the newer movies like Inside Out, Coco and ESPECIALLY The Good Dinosaur.) My favorite of those movies was Cars.

The movie was about a rookie racecar called Lightning McQueen who gets separated from his Mack truck on the way to California and ends up in the town of Radiator Springs. He meets Doc Hudson and is befriended by a tow truck called Mater along with plenty of other characters.

Despite not being Pixar's best movie, it went on to have 2 sequels, a spinoff movie by DisneyToon Studios called Planes and an avalanche of merchandise. Most people hated the sequel Cars 2 and hardly anyone saw the second sequel Cars 3, but in my opinion all 3 movies of the Cars trilogy were ATROCIOUS!

But after a recent incident, I will probably never look at Pixar the same way again...

It all started one fine morning, at around 9:00. I was busy playing on my Nintendo Switch when I looked out the window and saw the mailman place a package on my front door step. I paused my game to go and see what I had got in the mail.

I opened the package and inside was a folded up note and a DVD copy of Cars 1. "That's strange." I said to myself. I never ordered this DVD online and anyways, I already own a copy of Cars 1 on DVD. But this was an earlier DVD release. My parents were at work, so I decided to watch the movie in my free time.

I thought the note was just the chapters of the movie, so I put it aside and went to put the disc into my DVD player. I made some popcorn and got a big bottle of lemonade as the DVD loaded. Finally, it got to the main menu. I selected "Play Movie" and the movie began.

The opening was normal with McQueen racing on the Dinoco 400 race track against other race cars. But for a split second, I could have sworn McQueen's eyes went pastel yellow with little red pupils for a split second.

On the final lap, McQueen raced for the finish line without getting new tires. As he drove around the bend, his back tire exploded and McQueen skidded across the track, realistic tire squealing was heard. I yelled and covered my ears because I'm sensitive to high pitched noises. McQueen crashed into a barrier and car parts went everywhere as the screen went black.

The screen then showed McQueen lying on the side of the track, just a few inches near the finish line. He tried to move, but he couldn't. All he could do was watch every other race car drive across the finish line. The screen faded black but just before it did, I saw a black mass with two glowing red eyes covering up Lightning McQueen.

McQueen Crash

A photo of Lightning McQueen while crashing

Text appeared on the screen saying: "You needed tires, you bastard."

The next scene was Mater driving on the interstate at night.

It was at this moment that I knew something was up. So I tried ejecting the DVD, but it didn't come out. I tried turning off the TV, but the power button didn't work. I couldn't press STOP, just PAUSE, which simply froze the footage, and I couldn't use any tools to destroy the screen. I even tried to unplug the TV, but the screen didn't turn off!

I tried every method to escape the living room, but nothing worked. The front door was stuck, and so were the windows. Not even a running start could break it, but I got a bruise on my forehead.

Screenshot 2-0

The text on the screen after it faded to black

"Haha, I'm in danger!" I said to myself. So I pressed PLAY, and continued the movie.

As Mater was driving on the interstate, large trucks were in front of him driving towards him. Mater screamed and turned around, realising he was on the wrong side of the road. I recognized this part of the movie. It was the part where McQueen was seperated from Mack, but instead of McQueen, it was Mater.

Mater chased after a truck that looked like Mack as it went over a railroad crossing. Alarms went off letting Mater know that there was a train coming. But instead of a train, it was what appeared to be Lightning McQueen. I was confused. Why would a car be on the railroad tracks?

Now, I say "what appeared to be" because this was not the Lightning McQueen we all know and love. McQueen was very dark red with the number 666 on his side instead of the number 95. His teeth were yellow and rotten, and his eyes were pastel yellow with red pupils.

As Mater went over the railroad crossing, "McQueen" crashed into him. There was a big explosion along with an explosion sound effect that sounded an awful lot like one of the sound effects used in the infamous episode of Thomas the Tank Engine named Rusty And The Boulder.

Mater lay on the side of the railroad track bleeding. It wasn't blood. It was motor oil. His body was dented, his tow cable was broken, some of his wheels were missing, and he was covered in gravel and dirt.

"McQueen" drove up next to Mater. To my surprise, they started speaking. But it wasn't the voices of Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy. "McQueen" spoke in a low pitch and demonic voice and Mater sounded like someone doing an impression of a country person.

Mater: Who are you?

"McQueen": Call me Killer McQueen.

Mater: Please... Leave me alone... I wanna go back to my home town, Radiator Springs...

"McQueen": I will...IF YOU ARE READY TO DIE!!!

The camera zoomed in on Killer McQueen's face as he said it. The screen went static and the sound of a man screaming was heard along with metal screeching. The worst part was it sounded so real.

The static stopped and the screen went black along with the sound of a demonic laugh.

I paused the DVD, opened the package, and pulled out the folded up note. I figured the note could give me clues as to who the next characters to die were, so I could possibly save them.

But it wasn't a list of the chapters, as I had previously thought. It was a note from my friend Axel, who I haven't seen for weeks.

"Dear Zachary,

Destroy the disc, please! This contains a nightmare inside! No way to stop it at all! Please help me! Destroy the disc! If you watch it, I send my prayers, you're dead!

Even if Sally tries to survive she can't! If you watch the disc, your fate is sealed! Please… destroy the disc…

Help me… I'm dying from this horrible nightmare...


I was absolutely horrified. If only I hadn't inserted that cursed disc into my DVD Player, and read the note! But it was too late to turn back now, so I continued the DVD.

Text appeared on the screen that said, "One more character. Axel probably hinted at who she is."

I knew it was Sally.

The next scene was Sally (the blue female car) driving along the road to Radiator Springs. It was still nighttime. Suddenly, after 12 seconds, McQueen appeared right behind here. This time, I knew it wasn't the real McQueen.

Sally looked behind and saw the evil red racecar. She screamed and sped up, but Evil McQueen said in a demonic voice: "RACECARS DON'T NEED HEADLIGHTS BECAUSE THE TRACK IS ALWAYS LIT!!!"

As Sally drove through Radiator Springs, Evil McQueen was still behind her. She saw the statue of Stanley and stopped right in front of it. The screen just stays like that for 10 seconds. Then, Killer McQueen fell from the sky landing right in front of Sally with a loud thud noise. I nearly died of a heart attack.

Killer McQueen was now a damaged looking car in a metallic blood red coat of paint with the number 666 on his side bleeding. His teeth were yellow and rotten and had bits of flesh, as if he had just eaten some kind of animal. His eyes were just dark red like earlier, even they are bloodshot and bleeding with pulsating white pupils STARING AT ME, as if he was staring into my mind. Text appeared on the screen saying: I AM SPEED!!!

"GO BACK SALLY!!!" I screamed.

Sally drove backwards through the town as Killer McQueen chased after her. She suddenly went up a ramp and landed into the power lines. She was then catapulted into the sky. Fillmore, Sarge, Ramone, Flo, Luigi, Guido, Lizzie, Red, and Doc Hudson all watched as she soared through the air.

"Fly away Sally! Be free!" said Fillmore. Sally then crash landed into a tanker truck full of explosive liquids. She created a big explosion that wiped out the whole of Radiator Springs. The screen went static for 15 seconds.

During the 15 seconds of static, I just sat on the couch wondering to myself:

"What the hell did I just watch?"

"What the hell happened to Axel? Was he possessed?"

"Was this DVD a joke? A curse? Part of the original plot?"

After the static, it then cut to a shot of Killer McQueen, Mater, Sally, and the rest of the Radiator Springs vehicles. Mater looked like he did in his final shot, and Sally's body was extremely dented. All the vehicles had black sockets in their eyes. Killer McQueen looked EXACTLY how he did in his "I AM SPEED" moment. A distorted version of Sheryl Crow - Real Gone was playing in the background, along with text at the bottom in the Cooper Black font that said, "THE END?"

The screen quickly went static after a few seconds, and a message with text in Russian appeared. It said:

Сила во мне неизвестна.

Мы все должны с этим смириться и дать мне свою судьбу.

Разве не было бы здорово иметь мир в огне?

Жизнь против смерти.

Джимми против дьявола.

Истинное страдание неизвестно.

Suddenly the message flickered and changed to English, saying:

The strength in me is unknown.

We must all come to terms with this and give me our destiny.

Wouldn't it be great to have a world on fire?

Life versus death.

Jimmy vs the devil.

True suffering is unknown.

The screen went black after I finished reading the text.

It then faded showed an unrecognizable car. It looked like Sarge but it was purple with a green flame painted on the side. It was just standing there. Or was it sitting?

Then, there was a demonic laugh. "Hello Axel..." a deep demonic voice said. I recognized that voice. Killer McQueen drove onto the screen next to the car.

"Hello Zachary! This is Axel." said Killer McQueen. My eyes widened because that was my name.

"NO! YOU KILLED HIM!" I yelled. "I didn't finish him. I took his soul and put him into a abandoned car. Besides, you're a bad friend. Axel asked you to do him a favor, and you ignored it, sealing your fate."

"W-what do you mean?" I asked.

"It means that I'm gonna find you. Oh yeah, I'M GONNA FIND YOU! AND WHEN I DO, YOU'D BETTER HAVE YOURSELF READY. LOCK YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS BECAUSE I'M GONNA GET THERE. AND. I'M GOING. TO TAKE YOU!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" screeched Killer McQueen, and he drove away. I was confused at the car that was supposed to be Axel but then, I saw it. Gold letters spelling out "AXEL" on his doors.

"AXEL!!!" I screamed. "I'M SORRY!!! I DIDN'T KNOW!!!"

Axel stared at me blankly. Then the screen shut off.

"NO!!!" I yelled, hammering the TV. "GIVE HIM BACK!!!"

"How about I make you an offer?" said a voice behind me. I looked, and saw that demonic racecar behind me, smiling. "How about you give up your humanity and join us in Radiator Springs?" I can even put you in the body of an car of YOUR choice."

"I'll never join you, sadistic BASTARD!!!"

"Hey, watch your language. This is a family friendly movie!" Killer McQueen laughed.

I ran off. I ran to the kitchen and got a knife. It was my instincts.

Killer McQueen arrived, and I chucked the knife at his face. But, it absorbed into his face, and he laughed. "Zachary, do you think you can kill me?" he said as motor oil started to leak out of his mouth.

"This should fix him…" I thought, getting another knife.

"AGAIN?! HAW!" shouted Killer McQueen. "Are you really willing to do that again?"

"No…" I replied. "But I am willing to do something else." I raised the knife to my throat…

"Wait… what are you doing?" grumbled that red demon. THEN he realized what was going on.

"NO! DON'T!!!" he shrieked, revving his engine furiously.

But it was too late. I plunged the knife into my neck. The last thing I heard was his engine revving, and the last thing I saw was him racing towards me at full speed…

I found Zachary’s body laying down. A successful suicide attempt. II saw his TV with red text "WELCOME TO HELL" on it. They said he had gotten a DVD Copy of Cars 1 that was cursed. Only one question remains: where is the disc now?

-YTP- Lightning McDistorted

-YTP- Lightning McDistorted

real footage

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