1. Balloon Cry

    Possible picture of what the thumbnail looked like.

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The Story

Well, it had been a while since I saw that horrible episode of Inanimate Insanity, and I am devastated during that event. But then, I found another lost episode that wasn't as horrifying as that horrible episode I saw a while ago.

It was the 6th day of 2019, and my dad had reconnected the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. I'm really bored.

I felt like going on YouTube, so I went there. I was watching a video, and I glanced into the Recommended Videos section. There is one video called "Balloon's Apology". The thumbnail had Balloon crying.

This made me confused. Was this the video where Balloon apologizes to the world and revives everyone?

That question made me want to click on the video, so I did.

The intro started out like normal, nothing out of the ordinary.

The episode started with Balloon looking just like in the thumbnail. He sat on the grass for 30 seconds, before he stood up.

He then said:

"What have I done? I cannot believe I killed everyone I knew."

He then looked at something offscreen, then the camera panned to it, and it was a potion bottle. It had no text, then the camera zoomed into it, and the bottle said:

"Revival Potion"

Then Balloon found 42 bottles that have the same thing.

A time card appeared saying

"15 minutes later"

Then it showed every Object Show Character, including the hosts (Except MP4) and contestants, alive. They were back to normal and so was the world.

Then Balloon went to Hotel OJ (which is odd because Hotel OJ got destroyed in the episode "Breaking the Ice") and OJ was in there.
OJ Tells off Balloon

Balloon: "I'm very sorry."

OJ: "For what?"

Balloon: "For killing everyone I knew."

OJ: "What?!"

Balloon: "I'm very sorry for that."

OJ: "Apology accepted."

Then it cut to a flashback of that horrible episode, where OJ got killed by Balloon, and Balloon killed MePhone4. It then cut to OJ putting some apple juice in himself and exploding.

Then the scene cut to Balloon sitting on the cliff, looking happy. Then it panned to MePhone4, still dead. Balloon then walks over and says ”Yin-Yang, get the hot air balloon!” The episode ended there.

I'm happy that the episode had a good ending. I downloaded the video with YouTube Downloader.

If you've heard of this episode, let me know. 

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